Visgraat Webbing Band - Zand & Cognac Appel Leer

Herringbone webbing strap in sand with Cognac Apple Leather details. Front product image.
Herringbone webbing strap in sand with Cognac Apple Leather details. Front product image.
Sand Webbing strap with cognac apple leather details. Model product image.
Herringbone Webbing Strap

Biologisch katoen, verstelbare extra strap

€ 39
Cognac / Webbing
COGNAC Apple Leather BLACK Apple Leather

Op zoek naar accessoires voor je O My Bag? Onze zandkleurige band met visgraat motief is de perfecte aanvulling voor degenen die van een neutraal kleurenpalet houden. Dit ontwerp is 4 cm breed, wat iets dunner is in vergelijking met onze originele banden. Alle O My Bags met een ontwerp voor een afneembare band kunnen worden gestyled met de zandkleurige riem.


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Quality and payments issues

I purchased a bag, and within a few days of wear the threads came apart. The store accepted a return but could not return my money to my credit card. The repayment method the store used cost me a 15% bank fee. The company did not respond to my complaint.

Careful when you buy here.

We are sorry to hear about your bad experience with our brand,

Unfortunately, for refunds of purchases made in our physical stores, we always need to make direct bank transfers.
O My Bag and most stores have this limitations with purchases on the point of sale.

Some banks outside of Europe might charge a transfer fee.
In this case, once we realized the bank charged you, we made sure to send you a second transfer to compensate it, as well as a discount code for a future purchase.
At O My Bag, customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities, so we make sure our customers are not penalized by outside factors.

We have sent you a follow up email to understand better the situation, and do any corrective actions if still needed!

- Customer Experience Team



Noelle Halliday

Herringbone Webbing Strap - Jade & Cognac Classic Leather

Anna Schönwetter
Wonderful quality strap ☺️

This strap fits so good to different styles - also high quality!
I like it !

Too sensitive for scratches

I really like the bag and how it looks but unfortunately it’s too sensitive for scratches, I’m taking extremely good care of it while using it and still after very little time it has several scratches in the leather :-(

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