2021, Here We Go

O My Boss Paulien Wesselink looks forward to 2021, reflecting on O My Bag's business year and her personal life.
by Maddie Hight on Feb 17, 2021

A Word from Paulien

Yesterday was my first day back at work after giving birth to my second baby boy back in October. The most cheerful little baby boy you can imagine and to be a little family of four is a delight. Still dazed from the sleepless nights and the current reality of the lockdown, the weeks leading up to going back to work rather scared me. Now that I am arriving at this point, I’m starting the year with courage. Courage to go at it again and let the company thrive, undaunted and fiercely. 2021 is the year O My Bag will exist for 10 years. 10 years of evolving and growing, of learning and adapting. Even though the road has been full of bumps and holes, it has been the most joyous experience of my life.


Met the fam
Meet the fam

Upon embarking on this 10-year mark, it feels like we have to begin again. 10 years is a long time, so we have to adapt and become the most relevant bag brand for this decennium. Even if it seems that the world is taking a break, we will make plans and innovate. We closed a physical store, but are re-opening a new web shop online. Our people are mainly at home, but we are reinventing working life together. We can’t travel to India, but should we travel at all? Maybe it will be the year we will introduce a leather alternative line that we stand behind, after discarding many variations we deemed not nice or sustainable enough in the past. We have a million processes to improve, problems to tackle and difficult questions to ponder. But this year we will be courageous in withstanding them all. We promise to show up for you this year. To strive to be the best we can be. We are here to bring joy and to inspire and above all, to make it easy for you to love your bag.

Walking away from my desk yesterday, my heart made a little jump for joy. Oh, the potential to unveil and the roads to uncover.

Beer and Rijk

Beer and Rijk 

And so 2021, we begin again.