Our Leathers

Our premium quality eco-leathers are tanned without the use of harmful chemicals like chromium and have no synthetic top finish. We choose to work with naturally tanned leathers not only because it’s safer for people and the planet, but also because they give each O My Bag product a unique look and feel. We also recently introduced our best selling bags in a vegan leather alternative made from apple waste.


Our Hunter Leather was the first signature creation with our Indian supplier/tanner Patrick from Sheong Shi Tannery. This leather has an open structure with no synthetic finish. All heavy chemicals are avoided in the tanning process. This is the toughest of our leathers and has a vintage look and feel. Over time, this leather will soften and develop a beautiful sheen.


Our Classic Leather collection has two different origins. The original Classic Leather comes from Kolkata, India, and the second is a Vachetta leather from Tuscany, Italy. Both natural leathers are characterized by a satin gloss sheen and a smooth gentle feel. This collection also features Croco Leather which is heat embossed Croco print on Classic Leather.


O My Bag Soft Grain Leather is also produced by Patrick’s Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata, India. This leather has a soft exterior, but a reliable thickness. Like our Stromboli Leather, the Soft Grain has been rotated in a milling drum to bring out it’s natural grain and texture. The soft supple feel gives it a luxurious look and finish.


Stromboli Leather comes from our Conceria Nuova Grenoble tannery in Tuscany. It’s a thick but supple vegetable leather which has been softened during the tanning process by rotating in a milling drum which causes the natural texture and fine lines to intensify. This leather has a similar durability and look to our Classic Leather.

Apple Leather

O My Bag Apple Leather is produced from AppleSkin™ by the FRUMAT factory in North Italy. 100% vegan, it has an almost identical touch and feel to our classic leather, and is slightly lighter in weight than our non-vegan leathers.

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Woven leather

Our woven leather collection comes from Springfield - our partner factory in Kolkata, India. Springfield works with a group of women in Bilpar, a small village on the outskirts of Kolkata, who weave the leather. By providing work opportunities to these 40 women which they can complete from home, we are making a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families.


Our O My Bags are designed to last a lifetime and you’ll often see the color change gradually as the years go by. This is one of the beautiful features of our natural, vegetable tanned leathers. There are colors that stay true to their original tones, but many vegetable tanned leathers change with use.


Due to the open structure, our leathers may arrive with small light scratches from transportation. These can be removed with the correct leather lotion, such as Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion or Collonil Organic Shine & Care.


All our leathers are cow hide, which naturally come into contact with their surroundings. We keep the natural look of the leather in tact. This means that marks like tick or stretch marks on the leather may be visible.


In some of our designs the leather is sewn together inside out, and then pulled through. This process may cause some surfaces to look bumpy. Popular designs that have this look include Georgia in Hunter Leather, Luna and the Ally Bag.