Since 2021, we have sourced the recycled and organic cotton fabric for our signature striped lining from Dibella India. Since this lining is inside every O My Bag, we can safely say that cotton is our second most important material. Together with Dibella’s staff we visited all production steps of our cotton in the South of India, following the whole way from field to fabric.

At O My Bag we're continuously innovating on our material use. To accommodate our customers who avoid animal products, we've been on the lookout for a durable, low-impact leather alternative for years and we finally found it in our so-called Apple Leather! This is a vegan leather alternative made from residual apple waste.

It’s never too late to plan a little staycation at home. Don’t you worry – the O My Bag team have listed some of our favorite staycation ideas that will help bring a fresh breeze into your life, having that ‘getaway’ feel before Fall starts. Here are some adventures to set out. Ways to embrace life!
Remember last August, when we asked you to name a new handbag in our permanent collection? We have good news for you, she's here! Welcome: The Gina Bag.
At O My Bag we love to give back. To say thank you for an amazing year we've been giving back with 5 O My Bag favorites.
Trying to think of the perfect present for your loved one this festive season? Don't worry our O My Bag team is here to offer gifting inspiration for all your loved ones.
In one of our earlier blogs we’ve asked about your relationship with Fast Fashion. Do you have a toxic relationship with fast fashion? We have the solution! The so-called Capsule Wardrobe challenges you to downsize your wardrobe to 40 pieces, that can be mixed into countless matching combinations. Why is this more sustainable? You’ll fight the urge to purchase trendy and seasonal items, and invest in long lasting treasures.
O My Bag partnered with the amazing artist Sophie Goderie to create a unique hand-painted O My Bag and wallet. In this blog we interview Sophie to discuss her inspiration for the project.
Some would argue that it’s the most wonderful time of the year: festival season. Festival bags can be tricky because there are items you need (phone, earplugs, cash, your ID, sunglasses etc) but you don’t want to bring too many things that will weigh you down. Here’s our list of bags that are ideal for dancing and mingling, but will keep everything safe while you enjoy the festival.
Whether you’re after a tech-savvy handbag, a roomy flap-over messenger bag or a good old backpack: we’ve selected some of our favorite work bags to get you from Monday to Friday in the most stylish way.
If you’re racking your brain for a gift for him, we at O My Bag want to help you out. Here are some of our favorites for all the deserving dudes out there.
Do you like hearing stories about true love? Take a seat, because three of our O My Bag team members will tell you all about their true love stories – with their favorite O My Bag's!
We believe one of the most responsible things we can do for our planet is to only make high-quality products that can be worn and used for years. The durability and timeless style of a quality leather bag or item is undeniable. We help you to take good care of your leather purchases, because with a little love and care your bag will last for years, even decades!
Spring weekend trips: they may be short but they could be the escape you so desperately need. Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend to party in Ibiza or heading out for a family trip to the countryside, there’s a lot to be said for the magic of weekend vacation. Finding the perfect travel bag to join you is always tricky - it shouldn't be too big nor should it be too small. Utility is so important, but so is looking stylish when you arrive at your destination. Below, we’ve featured some of our best bags for weekend trips!