Milo - Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather

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Milo Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather. Soft Leather Bum Bag. Product details close-up of hardware, zipper, strap, and bag.
Brown soft leather bum bag worn cross-body on a model
Brown soft leather bum bag worn cross-body on a model
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Soft leather bum bag - one strap

€ 169 New Arrival
Wild Oak / Soft Grain Leather
Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather Black Soft Grain Leather

Milo, our new soft grain bum bag, is the epitome of sleek practicality. This minimalist leather bum bag is designed for those who are always on the go and need their essentials handy. Milo’s front pleated design adds a touch of sophistication, while inside, you'll find a zipper pocket and three card slots for your essentials. Milo comes with a detachable and adjustable leather strap, and has rings which allow you to add your favorite webbing strap. May we suggest our iconic Checkered Webbing Strap? Elevate your everyday look with this timeless fanny pack that exudes effortless charm.


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Milo - Black Soft Grain Leather

Customer Customer

Een mooie vorm gegeven cross body bag!!

Millicent Ngicho
Review of the Milo - Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather Bag

I recently purchased the Milo - Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather bag and it has quickly become my go-to accessory. Here are my thoughts on various aspects of this bag:

**Convenience and Size**
The bag is incredibly convenient and just the right size for daily use. It's neither too bulky nor too small, making it perfect for carrying essentials without feeling overloaded.

**Versatile Handling Options**
One of the standout features is the versatility in handling options. The bag provides several ways to carry it, which adds to its practicality and allows for comfortable use in different situations.

**Quality of Leather**
The quality of the leather is outstanding. The soft grain leather feels luxurious and durable, ensuring that the bag will last for years to come. It's clear that a lot of care went into selecting the materials.

**Aesthetics and Comfort**
The bag's unique design is visually appealing and it sits very comfortably on the body. It strikes a great balance between style and function, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal settings.

**Storage and Compartments**
The storage space is just enough to hold all my essentials without being overly spacious. The compartments are well thought out and help keep things organized. However, it's worth noting that when the bag is full, items can fall out easily if not carefully placed. This minor drawback requires a bit of attention when packing the bag to avoid any mishaps.

**Overall Functionality**
Overall, the bag's functionality is impressive. It combines good looks, quality materials, and practical features into one stylish package.

In conclusion, the Milo - Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather bag is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a stylish and practical accessory. Its high-quality leather, versatile carrying options, and unique design make it a worthwhile investment. Just be mindful of how you pack it to avoid any items falling out.

Paulien Dombrecht
Perfect for Venice

Went on a citytrip in March to Venice and honestly, Milo was the best companion. Big and small enough for the essentials. Thanks OMB, I’m a big fan!

Best Buddy

If you are looking for your everyday companion this is the bag you need. Fits all essentials and looks amazing.

Alvie Z.
the best fanny pack ever!

with the beautiful design and the nice leather, I can wear it on a daily base and also it fits perfectly to all my outfit. Love this bag!

Ilse Dekegel
Prachtig tasje!

Licht en handig als een veertje, altijd klaar om mijn spullen te dragen en mij te ondersteunen in mijn dagelijkse avonturen.

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