Summer Festival Bags

Some would argue that it’s the most wonderful time of the year: festival season. Festival bags can be tricky because there are items you need (phone, earplugs, cash, your ID, sunglasses etc) but you don’t want to bring too many things that will weigh you down. Here’s our list of bags that are ideal for dancing and mingling, but will keep everything safe while you enjoy the festival.
by Mairead Carter on Jul 23, 2019

Our Top Picks for this Festival Season

Whether it’s a food or wine festival, a Burning Man spin-off, a festival devoted to coffee lovers or one of the many electronic music festivals, one thing is for sure – you’re going to need a bag!

1. Audrey Mini

Don’t be mistaken by her minimal exterior, Audrey Mini is fully equipped on the inside to hold all you could need for a festival! She has an interior slip-in compartment perfect for your printed tickets, coins, or cards. Depending on your vibe, we’ve got strap options for Audrey Mini to suit every look imaginable. The leather/chain straps gives Audrey Mini a little edge, while the Orange Webbing Straps (which come with Black and Cognac) are really vibrant and out there! The multiple compartments make it easy to store your items, but the magnetic flap-over lock keeps unwanted hands off!

2 Josephine

She’s the smallest bag on our list (and maybe even in our collection). This envelope-esque style bag is perfect to swing over your shoulder or detach the strap to wear as a clutch. Not only stunning on the outside, her card-slot interior means you don’t even need to bring a wallet. Tip: feeling extra bold? Add an Orange Webbing Strap to your Josephine and wear her crossbody to make sure you really stand out in the crowd.

3 Lola


This compact 2-zipper beauty is made for the festival life! You can wear Lola 2 different ways, croco or soft grain leather side, so it’ll adapt to any look. The soft-grain side is perfect with a printed dress, while the edgy croco classic side will give your one-toned outfit a playful touch. It’s up to you how you organise your belongings in the two zipped compartments, how about one side for make-up and the other for electronics? She may be small, but she’s roomy enough for a little organization!


4 Meghan

Whether your going all out glitter or keeping it casual, our Meghan will adapt to any outfit choice. Her oversized brass lock always keeps things classy and will save you from pickpockets! Wear the strap long by your side or closer to your shoulder with the ‘double strap’ look. This sturdy bag is roomy enough for all you could need at a festival, maybe even a mini-fan if it’s hot!

5 Emily

A convenient festival bag at it’s best! Emily has two zippers, just like Lola, but she also has a compartment in the middle for easy access. The middle compartment is perfect for your sanitizer when you step out of a porta-loo! Love to meet people during festivals? We’re almost certain you’ll get compliments on this bag, giving you plenty of opportunities to get a conversation started.

6 Billie's Backpack

Want to be hands-free and dance ready? What about a small backpack for your next festival? Billie is our cute and compact cotton canvas backpack, made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Don’t let it’s small look fool you, when you open up you’ll find a surprising amount of space for your things. Billie is the perfect bag for a day into night festival, when you need to pack a jacket for when the sun goes down.

Forecast says rain

While we all love the idea of dancing in the rain to our favorite artist, our bags may not. Make sure you spray your O My Bag before the festival with Collonil 1909 Supreme Protect Spray (suitable for all leather types) to keep the leather from absorbing moisture as much as possible. If there’s a heavy downpour, try to get under some cover or wear a poncho – your bag will thank you later!

Forecast says sunshine

Bags need sunscreen too! Collonil Leather Lotion protects, cares and nourishes all our leathers (except Hunter Leather). Leather will dry out over time if it’s exposed to a lot of sun. Lotion will help to maintain the moisture, soften the scratches and minimize small marks.

Sunglasses are essential for any festival goer. Whether you’re bringing fun, heart-shaped party glasses or trendy small shades (Kanye says big glasses are OUT) you’ll want to keep them safe during the festival! Our Spectacle Case is a cute accessory which offers great protection for your glasses.

Spectacle Case, Navy & Natural Classic Leather

Post festival blues

Uh oh – it’s post-festival and you realise your bag is covered in stains. Mud, spilt drinks, worrying miscellaneous mark that you can’t pinpoint what it actually is? Don’t worry – try applying a pea-sized amount of Famaco Saddle Soap onto a cloth, and then with circular movements, rub gently over on the stain. This will help to lift dirt or grease from the leather. Leave to dry naturally.


Elise Hoven
O My Bag