Here Comes the Sun!

We're ready to kick off our 10 year anniversary year with our new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection! Say hello to some timeless newcomers in our new blog!

by Marketing Team on Apr 09, 2021

The Idea Behind

O My Bag founder and head designer Paulien Wesselink sheds the light on the inspiration for the new collection. “'Hello world' are the words to describe this collection. After a year inside my home and behind my screen, I am so ready to head out again and engage with the world! Kate is there to give you that confidence boost in the boardroom and handle your work life like a boss. Cool Harper is there to show off to your friends while doing a Food Walk (a walk where you combine a walk with visiting local restaurants for a small take-away bite) around your city.”

 O My Bag Amsterdam Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Kate Stromboli Leather

Welcome to the fam


Kate is amazing and functional bottom to the top. Ideal for busy bees, professional but not too formal, roomy but not excessive. Kate can fit it all - a laptop and a few books, a bottle of water and even some groceries! She is always ready to get down to business. Paulien tells us more about Kate, “Kate has been in the making for 3 years. We took the design for this perfect work bag very seriously. It needed to have that professional functionality, but not lose the OMB edge. After a couple of fails in design we finally nailed it. We always strive to design Modern Classics and I feel Kate is one of those.”



Harper was really inspired by the great success of Audrey. Everybody loves Audrey and it’s been the success story of the last few years for O My Bag. We wanted to bring out a new twist on this design, with a slightly cooler vibe. I always love a prone front pocket so I definitely wanted to go for that. Next to that, I love the wide strap, which makes it so comfortable but elegant,” Paulien says.

This accordion-style bag unveils new levels of practicality you couldn’t dream of for a bag. Edgy and fun, Harper loves going out and about and can’t wait to become the trendiest girl in the city.

O My Bag SS21 Kate Harper Amsterdam

Kate Cognac Stromboli Leather and Harper Black Classic Leather


Harmonica Wallet

Our Harmonica Wallet is another fun way to stay organised! This fun three-compartment wallet is always ready to store all you need - coins, cash, cards and even occasional smaller blings. And Harmonica definitely will make the cutest couple in the city with Harper!

Lola Coin Purse

Lola Bag’s lil sis is a small but practical addition to your wardrobe! She is perfect to fit into smaller O My Bags and keep your go-to essentials safe and sound - from cards to coins. According to Paulien, “the wallet collection is based on downsizing in wallet size. I’ve been a longtime fan of big wallets but since we do everything with our phones, I just don’t need to carry that much around. A little cardholder for my basics gets me far enough, so we designed with that in mind. Harmonica Wallet and Lola coin purse just hold the necessities for you.”

O My Bag Amsterdam SS21 Harmonica Wallet Lola Coin Purse Harmonica Wallet Cognac Classic Leather and Lola Classic Black Leather


Bobbi Bucket Bag Maxi

Bobbi Bucket Bag now has a big sis! Bobbi Maxi is the perfect version for those who need to carry a little more stuff around but keep it cool with Bobbi's fun design! As Paulien says, “Bobbi Maxi was an easy decision because although Bobbi Midi is super fun because of its size I, for one, always need more space in my bags”. 

Yoga Strap

Bring your yoga mat in style! In collaboration with House of Gravity we created a yoga mat strap to create that nice work-life balance. Caring for your body, mind and the planet all at the same time.

Bobbi Bucket Bag Maxi House of Gravity Yoga Strap O My Bag

Bobbi Bucket Bag Maxi Black Classic Leather and Yoga Strap Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather

Watcha shooting?

Wanna have another glance behind the scenes of our new collection? Well, let us set the scene. Hand sanitisers, masks, sand, rain, and wind… Wow, such a fun way to do the photoshoot for our spring/summer collection during lockdown! During our first campaign shoot, the weather was really not on our side. But our amazing team, models and the photographer were fearlessly fighting all of the misfortunes to bring all the best content possible.

However, for our spring/summer collection we were very eager to create the most sunny and carefree vibes to embody the spirit of the new collection. So we didn’t want to stop until the most amazing results were achieved. We found out about the gorgeous Studio3000 and decided to make even more content! And that’s where the magic was happening! The studio props, design, dramatic light, fun atmosphere - it all contributed to accentuating all the dazzling features of our new collection.

We are so excited about our spring/summer ‘21 collection! And finally, we are glad to share our excitement with you.

Much love,

Kseniia and Paulien x