New Year, New You

O My Boss Paulien looks back on 2018, reflecting on O My Bags business year and her personal life. With some key highlights from 2018.
by Martijn on Jan 15, 2019

2018’s Highlights according to Paulien

The Christmas trees have been kicked to the curb and the never ending influx of wines and champagnes have been exchanged for sparkling waters in the name of Dry January. It’s time to dust off the New Year, New You slogan and start the new year with a fresh set of eyes.

Paulien with her adorable baby boy.
Paulien with her adorable baby boy.

At the O My Bag office, after a well-deserved Christmas break we dove right back into it. As part of the staff Christmas gifts, I picked a different book for all the O My Bag employees, which would freshen their ideas about life and its endless possibilities. With our mindset on new opportunities we’re starting the new year off right.

In 2019 we want to continue to be change-makers and challenge ourselves to do even more as frontrunner in the fashion industry, while keep on creating great products, wow our customers and focus on employee happiness and well-being. To make all this growth happen we’re busy hiring new champs in the area of retail, e-commerce, digital marketing and for the first time also someone to support us with sustainability and impact measurement!

Every morning when I get out of bed I remind myself of the fabulous words of Coach George Raveling: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” I listened to a long interview with this remarkable man, last year on a Tim Ferriss podcast and the quote stayed with me ever since. I’ve been planning to print the slogan and paste it on the wall of the O My Bag office.

In the past year, I had a baby and left office for 4 brief months! It was my first long time-out from O My Bag, so I initially had some withdrawal symptoms. I checked slack (our internal messenger system) every 5 minutes, but once the baby arrives there is no time for anything but baby, so it helped me to let go of office life. The happy little bundle of joy is 7 months today and is the reason to rush home every night to have some quality time with him!

Other major changes in 2018 were that we have strengthened our team with the arrival of Kirsty (international account manager, left), Yan (operations manager, middle) and Hayley (Graphic Designer, right). These fresh faces helped us turn a new leaf.

“We’re starting the new year off right.

What we did in 2018:

  • We've raised €9200 for our social project, The Cup, during our Black Friday campaign.
  • We’ve upped our styling and branding game which has been creating interest from different industry influencers.
  • Demand for our product has increased internationally and we even took our first steps in Japan in 2018!


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