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Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping

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Make your gift extra special with our O My Bag gift wrapping. Please note if there are two items in your cart, the items will be wrapped individually. Unfortunately we cannot gift wrap items over a certain size.

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Awesome bag

Feels, looks and smells great! :) my wife loved it


Je ne peux pas encore vous dire, c’est le cadeau de Noël de mon mari

John Du Preez
Beautiful bag, dumb wrapping

Hello! I bought this bag as a gift for my wife. She loves it and so do I - well made and great design, 10/10. BUT, the wrapping… delivered in a box with O My Bag written massively on the side, which forced me into 007 mode for a month. In fact, no indication given that this was NOT the gift wrapping so was unsure to give her the box or not. Then, the gift wrapping inside - pretty paper, but with an O My Bag sticker on the outside. Thanks for ruining my 200EUR surprise. THEN, you left the price on the bag. Thank goodness the bag outshines all this because the gift service seriously needs some work.

Hi John. We reached out to you via email to help you with this issue. It is of course not what we want to hear and we are doing our best to make our gift wrapping as special as possible. Lets be in touch to come up with a solution together to make the best out of it. We do hope that you wife loves the gift.
Gr- Customer Experience team

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