Archive Sale with a positive impact

This year, we want to do a little extra during our Archive Sale. For every order placed during the sale, we will remove 5 kg’s of plastic from the Ganges River in India. We do this, because making a positive difference is our mission, and we want to give back to nature as well. Since transparency is the core of our sustainability strategy, in collaboration with Sumthing and Plastic Fischer, we’ll make this positive impact visible to all of you. Live from the 4th to 7th August.

Help us clean up the Ganges River

It is O My Bag’s mission to make a positive difference in the world. That is why we have a formal commitment to donate 1% of our annual revenue to projects that focus on women empowerment, education and environmental innovation. This is what we call Giving Back, and it makes a direct connection between our success as a brand and the positive impact we can make. So far, we have already positively impacted 15.588 lives! This year, we want to extend our positive impact to nature. That's why we decided to start a collaboration with Sumthing and Plastic Fischer to remove plastic from the Ganges River in India.

About Sumthing

Sumthing is a social enterprise on the mission to make nature restoration accessible, engaging, and meaningful to everyone. They do so via their digital platform, where you can donate to restore nature and follow the progress first hand. You can support a wide variety of projects, ranging from restoring coral reefs, salvaging plastic waste, boosting biodiversity and much more. After donating, Sumthing makes sure you receive the actual proof of your impact, validated with modern technologies like AI and satellite imagery.

About Plastic Fischer

Plastic Fischer has developed the TrashBoom, a floating barrier that effectively stops plastic waste in rivers from reaching the ocean. They have deployed it in the Ganges River in India, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. The plastic is removed and sorted by local staff, so Plastic Fisher creates full-time jobs and stimulates the local economy. They also collaborate with partners to educate communities about recycling, encourage pre-sorting of household waste, and promote alternatives to single-use plastic. 

What happens to the plastic after collecting?

All recyclables are sold to local recycling companies. Most of the plastic that is collected from the Ganges cannot be recycled. The non-recyclables are sent to incineration for energy recovery, which is in line with international best practices. Plastic Fisher prefers to use the plastic as an energy source rather than sending it to unmanaged landfills, where it might end up in the environment again.

How does this work in combination with O My Bag's Archive Sale?

We keep track of incoming orders during the sale. For every order, Plastic Fischer’s local staff will remove 5 kg of plastic from the Ganges River. Using the Sumthing platform, Plastic Fischer will give us insight in which plastic was removed with which order, and where. This information will be available for everyone who placed an order during the sale! This way, you will be able to proudly show the difference you’ve made to your friends and family. Just keep your eye on your inbox after receiving your order.

Not buying a bag but still willing to make a positive difference?

We've got you! Join in on the efforts to clean up the Ganges river directly via the Sumthing platform. Make your donation today and get to see the results first-hand!  

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