2023, We're Ready For You

Discover O My Bag's journey during 2022. Amid COVID-19, we expanded our team, bolstered personal development, and relocated to a new HQ in Amsterdam. Our sustainability focus led to CO2 reduction and advancements in our Indian factories, and we dedicated €37,000 to Giving Back projects.
by Maddie Hight on Jan 20, 2023

Looking Back

It’s strange to look back on January 2022, when the majority of the world had brought back COVID-19 restrictions and our team was still working from home, holding out hope that the pandemic would soon be behind us. One year on and we couldn’t be more proud of our achievements and our team that made them happen.

Met the TEAM
The O My Bag Team

The Team

One of the most exciting parts of 2022 was the new faces who joined O My Bag. Growing from 17 to 25 people marked a big milestone in our journey, and it was a proud reminder of what O My Bag has become. In addition, our management team focused on personal development, leadership coaching, and feedback training, skills that we continue to practice everyday. In August of 2022, we also moved into our brand new headquarters at 123 Ceintuurbaan, Amsterdam; two doors down from our flagship store. Designed by the incredible team at Tchai, we’re very lucky to work from such a beautiful space, every day.

Our Factories

May 2022, was the first time that we were able to return to India post COVID, and we were finally able to visit our factories and tanneries. In Q3, Jess, our Head of Product and Sustainability, travelled to India with an international quality control expert to make improvements to our production line. We learnt so many new tips that we are excited to put into practice this year. 2022 was also important for our partner factories as we were able to implement our living wage project across 3 out of 4 factories, and we will continue to work on this throughout 2023.


Decreasing CO2 emissions will always be a priority for O My Bag, and last year we were able to ship 37% of our containers by sea. For 2023 our goal is to continue increasing this number, with a target of 50% of all pieces coming via sea freight by the end of the year. This is a project we will continue to work on, year on year. We’ve also been developing a more sustainable option for our organic cotton lining, and in 2022 we are proud to announce that we achieved this goal. Our 100% recycled cotton lining will go into production later this year. On the topic of product development, our Sustainability Manager, Femke, participated in various talks, podcasts and panel discussions, including an IG live with B Corp, to discuss our current and future sustainability efforts. Not only were we able to reduce our impact with our existing products, we were able to find 788 new homes for pre-loved O My Bag pieces, saving them from ending up in landfill.

Giving Back

Each year at O My Bag we focus on giving back to those around us, with 1% of all O My Bag revenue being allocated to our Giving Back projects in India. In 2022 we allocated €37,000, which will go towards a range of projects throughout 2023. In addition to the 1%, we’ve also partnered with the Naz Foundation to support the LGBTQ+ community. The Naz Foundation is located in New Delhi and provides a safe space, education and community feel for those in need. Through sales of our Rainbow Webbing Straps, we were able to raise and donate €3,300 that will go towards building a new Naz Community Centre.

Our achievements in 2022 have only ignited our ambition for 2023, and we have many exciting plans in place that we can’t wait to share with you. Thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to continuing the journey together, changing the world, one bag at a time.

Love the O My Bag Team x