A True Love Story

Do you like hearing stories about true love? Take a seat, because three of our O My Bag team members will tell you all about their true love stories – with their favorite O My Bag's!
by Martijn on Feb 14, 2019

Bags that Make our Hearts Soar!

1. Georgies Wallet: Love at Second-hand Sight

Our graphic designer Hayley fell head over heels the moment she got her hands on a second hand (in other words: pre-loved) Georgies Wallet from the O My Bag Library. Hints of the past like scratches and worn leather didn’t stop Hayley from loving the wallet. “Since I believe age is just a number, her [Georgies] age was never a problem for me.” Besides her age, Hayley explains that the Georgies Wallet carries all your necessities (the 3 C’s: cards, coins, and cash). And guess what? Her size and sturdy (yet elegant) look make her a match made in heaven, for both guys and gals! Good news for all of you: the fact that Georgies family has expanded (we now sell Georgies Wallet in Stromboli Leather!) does not bother Hayley. “Everyone deserves to love a wallet like I love mine”, Hayley says.

2. Fly Violet: Forever and Ever

Jessica, our product manager, has been together for five (!) years with her Fly Violet Midi Black and they are still going strong. The secret for a relationship like that? Love is about being able to rely on each other. For example, Jessica explains how Violet helps her to meet her career ambitions. Jessica: “After a long day of work, she carries my laptop and notebooks back home. She really takes care of me.” The other way around, Jessica makes sure that as her Fly Violet ages, she treats Violet with lotion ever few weeks to make her shine again. “Just like us people she is not too happy about going grey. Treating her with lotion makes her look years younger!”, says Jessica. True love? It is all about taking care of each other.

3. Meghan: Going Places

“We started casually dating, but soon things became more serious and our relationship deepened into something more profound,” explains one of our store representatives Elise about her Meghan Classic Black. “A few months ago I went on a one-week trip and I had space for only one handbag in my suitcase.” During that trip, Elise and her Meghan turned out to be made for each other. Elise: “Whether it is drinking coffees in the morning, or late night cocktails at a bar, Meghan is always by my side”. Elise explains that being loyal (and royal) is literally the key to true love: “Meghan’s lock holds all my important stuff, and keeps me safe from pickpockets”. Turns out that trust is the center of any relationship, even between a person and a bag. The main compartment contains enough space for everyday essentials. Also, the pocket with zipper enables you to organize smaller stuff, like lip balm and keys. “And did I mention?” Elise says, “She’s a total stunner!”.

From Fast to Forever

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is all about roses and velvet-crushed cake, it’s also about having a yearly moment to reflect on the things you love. Especially in times of fast fashion, it is important to take a moment and appreciate the pieces in our wardrobe that are here to stay. Just like any relationship, a relationship with a bag usually starts as an innocent crush. The design and material characteristics may attract you at first, and you may think: ‘that one is cute’. But after a while, you start to actually love each other. You will learn that it is more than just a cute bag – it is an addition to you that makes you feel safe and encourages adventure (Elise and her Meghan), is supportive of your career (Jess and her Fly Violet), and that it has a lot of personality and is one of a kind (Hayley and her Georgies Wallet). Conclusion? Love comes in many forms. And if love means finding the perfect bag, so be it!

Forgotten what it’s like to fall in love with your bag? Some lotion every now and then will make you fall all over again!


Elise Hoven
O My Bag