Bags on the Path of Revolution

Who doesn’t love the sound of a good ol’ revolution? We certainly do when it comes to fashion! The Fashion Revolution is not just a movement but also a call to action for consumers, retailers, and all fashion companies. It's about making positive changes in the fashion industry and raising awareness of the importance of an ethical and transparent supply chain. This year's theme, Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution, reaffirms the vision for an eco-conscious, people-first global fashion industry.​
by Marketing Team on Apr 20, 2023

Let's dive into how we're changing the industry with every bag we make.

Embracing Supply Chain Transparency and Personal Connections

At O My Bag, we not only value supply chain transparency; we value the human connections that bring our products to life. It's about the stories and the hands that craft our bags, filling them with love and dedication.

That’s why we also love traveling to India. It’s essential for us to meet our producers in person, visit the factories, chat with workers, and see the places where our products are brought to life. It’s also a lovely opportunity to check on our artisans to ensure they are happy with their job, even though we really trust our partners.

On our website, we proudly display our producers - their names, faces, and the special narratives that make them an important part of the O My Bag family. We encourage a warm sense of community, bridging the gap between our customers and the bagmakers. Working closely with partner factories like EMA, STC, and Springfield and people such as Abdullah, who introduced us to Dustbag ladies, and Nassir, who showed us the housewives who make Woven leather, we ensure their workers operate in safe conditions. It's a beautiful partnership that flourishes with every stitch.

O My Bag is so much more than just sustainable fashion. It's about empowering the artisans. We share their names and voices and recognize them by celebrating their inspiring stories and the impact they make on our lives and the lives of our customers, just as we make an impact on theirs.

Quote by Desire Buchanan, Entrepreneur & Social Good Activist

How We Support Local Communities in India


By collaborating with small communities in India and connecting them to the global market, we create lasting, positive change. We believe in trade, not aid. One of our initiatives includes working with Joyya, an organization in Kolkata that empowers people (primarily women) in at-risk communities and provides them with employment and support. For example, the O My Bag Tote Bags are produced by Joyya, so every purchase that you make helps us create demand and support them even more.

We’re also donating a portion of our revenue to The Cup, a cafe located in the Red Light area of Kolkata and established by Joyya, that provides a safe space for women from at-risk groups. They also organize small vocational trainings in beauty care for women who visit them. The last time we were in India, we were able to see The Cup and talk to the ladies running the cafe, as well as the women who visit them often. For us, it is also crucial to not only send the money and hope for the best but actually observe if the difference we want to achieve is happening. Connecting with these women, trying to talk to them (while not even speaking the same language), and doing some activities together, like making small beaded bracelets, was an eye-opening, beautiful experience. It showed us how easy it can be to make a difference.

O My Bag team in India

Joining the Movement

Fashion Revolution Week is always a good time to discuss our commitment to ethical production and sustainable processes. And by ensuring fair job opportunities and working conditions, and most importantly, talking about them loud and honestly, we're contributing to a better life for our producers in India and setting an example for others who want to do good.

So are you ready to become part of the fashion revolution? Whether supporting brands with ethical and sustainable practices, spreading awareness about the importance of fair trade, or making small lifestyle changes, every action counts. Show your support this year by signing your name on the European Citizens’ Initiative for Good Clothes, Fair Pay to demand a living wage for the people who make our clothes worldwide.

Leading by example, we aim to motivate others in the industry to adopt greater transparency in their production processes. It's crucial that we raise our voices and take action to inspire other brands to do the same. We firmly believe that every step, whether big or small, contributes to meaningful change.

How else can you make a difference? Ask all your favorite brands #whomademyclothes and demand an answer. Go get ‘em, tiger!

O My Bag Team xx