Behind the Lens with Shivam

Our India based photographer Shivam, shares his experience from behind the camera. Due to COVID-19 Shivam has been unable to work, we are committed to supporting Shivam and his family during this tough time. All profits from each print purchased will go directly to Shivam and his family.

by Marketing Team on May 28, 2021

Peace of Mind

"This photograph is taken down the foot over bridge in Kolkata and the river flowing down the bridge is the Ganges. River Ganges is one of the primary water sources for most of the areas in North India and is also the holy river for all Hindus. People seek enlightenment by taking a holy dip in the river, but I am personally very much inspired by all the other means that this river is providing like water for cleaning, water for homeless people, water for other small businesses. In this photograph, this gentleman is carrying water from the river to clean the dishes of his food stall.

You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart." - Shivam 

Mullick Ghat Flower Market Foot Bridge, India , 2020

Waiting for the Train

"India has one the most complex railway network in the whole world and also the most common transport system in India. The intercity railway is very common in the big cities of India and there are tons of people living beside these train tracks. In this picture, a beautiful lady is waiting for a train and the colorful saree gives us a feeling of being in India." - Shivam.

Portrait, India , 2020

The Harvest

"Because of Covid, I have settled myself with my parents back in my village. I came to Uttar Pradesh and got inspired by these people who work so hard to produce the daily grains for almost the whole of India. I shot this picture for my ongoing series of farming labours of India. " - Shivam.

Uttar Pradesh, India, 2021

Seaside Craft 

"This photograph is again taken in Varanasi on the bank of river Ganges. If you ever get a chance to travel to Varanasi, your trip is incomplete without one of the boat rides. People always love to see the city while sitting in the boat. It is inspiring for me to see the amount of work that gets in the making of one of these boats. There have been families and generations of this craftsman. One the boat maker is throwing his hammer and behind him, there are sadhus walking by to give this picture a feeling of its place i.e Varanasi." - Shivam

Boat makers in Varanasi, India, 2020

Sunset Jump

In life I always want to be grateful for Kolkata. Kolkata has always been beautiful. I love you Kolkata, and the best part about you is that you keep surprising me all the time. This is one of my personal favourite photographs as it depicts the energy to win in any situation. This kid is jumping into the river and the sky is on fire with its colours.  - Shivam

Kolkota, India, 2020

How else can you help?

With the corona cases and fatalities rising, the situation is becoming increasingly difficult for families and their loved ones. There is a growing concern of economic difficulties as many face unemployment. Below Shivam shared several organisations that are helping those on the ground that are in direct need. 

- Khalsa Aid International
- Hemkunt Foundation 
- Give India

For our Australian and New Zealand customers

Our friends over at The Loyal Workshop have collaborated with The Paper Rain Project by creating a range of T-shirts with profits going to support those most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak in Kolkota, India. 

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