Crazy for Croco Leather: The Croc-Effect

Croc o' Clock! Time to take a closer look at our beautiful Croco Leather. We’ll spill all the details on how each piece is individually crafted to reduce production waste and to create a one-of-a-kind look for you. Read more to learn all about your croco faves!
by Marketing Team on Feb 19, 2021

What the Croc?

First things first - What's Croco Leather? Our croco leather is a heat-embossed print on Classic or Soft Grain Leather. It is characterised by a shining surface and a pattern which is unique to each individual bag. Subtle but chic, adding an element of luxury to your look. Timeless, yet on trend. In this blog we'll tell you all about the process of this cool heat-pressed type of leather.

Nano Bag Variations Croco Black

How Is Croco Leather Made?

Most of the time, the Croco print is embossed on the Classic Leather, however, for some of O My Bags, we use a different kind of leather. For example, our Beck’s Bum Bag in Wild Oak has her Croco print embossed on Soft Grain Leather, which also contributes to having a slightly different look.

When we receive our premium quality sustainable leather hides, we tan them without using harmful chemicals and without a synthetic top finish. Then, when we want to create our beautiful Croco prints, we use a heat press to emboss the pattern on the leather pieces at the tanneries. Since high temperatures are involved in the process, this can also leave light-coloured leathers (such as Cognac, Wild Oak, or Ruby) with a darker print. We always use the same size and print on the heat press, however, the sizes of the hides always vary, so the patterns could also differ in the end.

For further information about our factories and tanneries, you can check out our Fairly Made page.

Cognac Croco Leather different patterns

Croco Print and Sustainability

When cutting leather for our products, our goal is to have as little wastage as possible. We try to utilise all the leather to create our unique O My Bags and other accessories. That’s why we choose not to aim for making similar or identical prints: it would leave most of the hide to waste and wouldn’t be sustainable anymore. 

Sometimes, we receive the leather with more natural defects than usual. These defects could include tick bites, stretch marks or other scratches. Thanks to the Croco print embossing, these defects become invisible. Therefore, we are able to utilise even more leather and decrease wastage.

 Lola Ruby Croco Leather

Always Different. Always Unique.

We believe that’s what makes our Croco Leather products more attractive - its uniqueness. Each one of our beauties is slightly (or significantly) different from another, which gives you an opportunity to say, “I have a bag like no other.”


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OMB Team x