Do You Believe in Second Chances? We Do!

Read all about our Second Chances program and what we are doing to get one step closer to a circular fashion future. Get a deeper understanding of our process of finding new homes for your pre-loved bags, avoiding wastage and repairing your bags to ensure all O My Bags are enjoyed for years to come.
by Lotje Sissing on Nov 20, 2023

Our Second Chances program focuses on our vision for a more circular industry. We believe all our bags and accessories deserve a loving home, whether they have been loved before or have gained an imperfection throughout their life. That’s why we offer you the possibility to buy Perfectly Imperfect and Pre-Loved products. By purchasing one of these products you save a bag from landfill. 

Do you know what's even better? This collection is available all year round! This means that with O My Bag, you will always be able to make decisions that are better for the planet and your wallet.

Perfectly Imperfect

By Perfectly Imperfect we mean products that have a production imperfection. Other brands might send these items straight to the rubbish pile. For us, that is a no-go. Dedicated artisans have put a lot of effort and time in manufacturing. We think these bags deserve as much love as the bags from our regular collection! That’s why we’ve decided to offer them on our website and in stores. To make up for the imperfections, we sell the Perfectly Imperfect bags for a little less. Fair deal, isn’t it?

And remember, nobody is perfect. We all have our marks, so do our bags. That’s something we cherish! By selling these bags we want to break free from the flawless world.

Pre-loved Lexi bag and Laura Coin Purse




Our Pre-Loved collection consists of bags that have been loved before. Even though we design our bags to be timeless, we understand that you can be up for a change. If you want to update your wardrobe, you can hand in your old bag and we will find a new home for it! Alternatively, you can come to our stores and exchange your bag for a Pre-Loved item upon availability.

For us, these second-hand bags are even more good-looking as they have aged beautifully over time. When used, our leather becomes softer and smoother, giving the Pre-Loved bags a beautiful texture and vintage look. All Pre-Loved bags have their own story, just like humans.

The Pre-Loved bags are sold for a lower price. By reselling these bags we avoid wastage and can give these older beauties love again!

Pre-loved Lexi bag and Laura Coin Purse



Another way we support circularity is our repair service. We offer a lifetime warranty on all our bags. And if necessary, we will look for the best solution to get your bag repaired. Sometimes it is easily done by yourself or a local craftsman. In other cases, it is necessary to send your bag to us and we will repair it for you. We will make sure your bag will be ready to shine again!

We just adore imperfections and aging. Moreover, we think our planet is too beautiful to cover it up with bags. Thanks to you we can save bags from ending up in a landfill!

Second Chances, we are fans already! What about you? Go and have a look at our Second Chances collection, so you can discover the beauty of Perfectly Imperfect and Pre-Loved yourself!