Happy Holidays

It’s almost Christmas, time to relax and reflect. But first there is that last minute rush to get everything done before Christmas actually arrives.
by Paulien Wesselink on Dec 23, 2019

Setbacks are setups for a comeback

In retail, these are the final days of sales and it’s a nail-biter event to see if we’re slamming the sales targets we’ve set for ourselves. We also launched a beautiful new website this year. But of course as with every step forward, there are also a few setbacks. And we are experiencing some technical bumps, but these setbacks are just set-ups for a comeback, so expect a strong e-commerce game from us in 2020! Another last-minute charmer is finalizing administration; the tedious task of ranking in receipts, making sure payments are made and others are collected, is also a requisite for some peace of mind over the Holidays.

Christmas nails

Besides finishing up work related to-do’s, there is the usual holiday task list of cooking, shopping and grooming. I’m behind on all levels, but luckily there is always an interesting O My Bag gift that will charm the family, I have a husband (just been married for 3 months, so feels awkwardly official to call him this way) that loves to cook and grocery shop and the grooming part, well, my nails are painted in a nice Christmas red, which makes me feel much more together than with my usual bare or chipped state-of-nails.

Kick up your feet

Once everything is said and done and we’ve finally kicked up our feet by the fireplace, it’s finally time to look back. As a company that strives to look out for the people all around us, it’s nice to share a few of our sustainability wins of 2019 with you.

Sustainability Highlights of 2019

  • 783 fair jobs provided
  • We helped to open three schools, which means 194 kids can attend the Brickfield Schools, that would have otherwise not been able to go to school this year.
  • We hired a Sustainability Manager!


  • We started the O My Bag second hand program in 2019: second hand bags are available at the second hand corner of our stores and on our website. They are also sold at sample sales we organize annually.
  • We have sold 240 pre-loved bags and gave them a second life so far.
  • We launched our Care & Repair page with many tips and videos on how to take care of your O My Bag and how to repair small defects yourself, to elongate its life.

Climate Change:

  • We offset our complete carbon emissions arising from transport (inbound as well as outbound, B2B and B2C) by investing in different accredited carbon offset projects, such as a project that provides Indian households with cleaner cook stoves
  • O My Bag office and stores run on 100% renewable energy
  • O My Bag staff collectively went to the Global Climate March in The Hague in September 2019
  • We only have vegetarian lunches at the office, and opt for plant based more often than not. (We might singularly be responsible for Oatly shortages in the Amsterdam supermarkets.)

I hope you enjoy a well-deserved break and are able to step back and spend time with friends, family and loved ones. Let this also be a time to think about the people who may need our help, support or comfort.

Happy Holidays,

See you in 2020!

Love, Paulien

Christmas Store Event
Christmas Store Event
Rijk enjoying himself during the Christmas Event
Rijk enjoying himself during the Christmas Event
Cord Taco Christmas Tree ornament
Cord Taco Christmas Tree ornament