In conversation with Josje Hermans

We've collaborated with Yoga Instructor Josje Hermans from Sync Yoga Amsterdam to bring you a live yoga class on our Instagram this Friday (4th June). So we sat down (virtually) and asked her for her top tips for staying zen while working from home and how to get through these final weeks of lockdown. 


by Marketing Team on Jun 02, 2021

To celebrate the launch of our Leather Yoga Mat Strap with House Of Gravity, wanted to give some attention to the amazing benefit of yoga. We asked my good friend, yoga instructor and founder of Sync Amsterdam, Josje Hermans a couple of questions. She provides great insight in her daily routine, and we get down to the specifics on how she stays motivated and lives with intention. An inspiring example for all of us!

Name: Josje
Age: 31
City: Amsterdam
Profession: Yoga Teacher and Studio Host at Delight Yoga
Studio’s were you teach: Equal, Cosmos, Yagoy and Hot Flow
What type of yoga is your specialty: Vinyasa

Why do you like that the best?

Life is one big gathering of vinyasa's (days, seasons, moon cycles - they all have a logical order and are all constantly changing) So in the practice we synchronise with these rhythms of nature. On top of that it's something new each time, it's a wonderful way to gain more strength as well as becoming more flexible, get body mind connection.

Favourite O My Bag?

Too many! If I had to pick just one it would be my miss money penny that I have had since the start of O My Bag, which I still use every single day and cherish very much.


Josje Hermans 

Are you working from home currently? And how are you finding it?

Since the moment that massages were allowed again, I have been working 3 days per week at the Delight studio, hosting clients and taking care of the space. Before that I worked a lot from home. I really enjoyed it, as you can decide for yourself how you wish to divide your time. For example, my favorite yoga teacher had an online class on Wednesday at 10.30. So I chose to start an hour earlier and joined her class in between work hours.

And of course there were also moments that me and my boyfriend experienced each other’s presence a bit too much..Luckily we are privileged to have a spare room, where either one of us could go for a phone call, zoom meeting or just simple me time. ;)

How has your schedule changed since the start of the pandemic and how have you adjusted to this?

As soon as the lockdown began and yoga studio’s closed, I shifted really quickly to teaching classes online and outdoor. Still my schedule changed from teaching 14 classes per week to only a few. Besides the financial and all other obvious downsides, Corona has also given me a lot of opportunities.

Because of all this extra time, I was able to focus on setting up a new business. And since all classes were now done online, I was suddenly able to follow classes and trainings from my favorite yoga teachers, from all around the globe.

How have you been able to stay motivated at the moment? Do you have any tips for others working from home?

I need to move every day to keep everything flowing and not become stagnant. Whether it’s practicing yoga, barre, go for a run or just walking. I write down my affirmations at the beginning of the day, and everything I’m grateful for, at the end of the day. 

Furthermore I stay connected with a lot of like-minded people to share thoughts and experiences. Not afraid to be vulnerable, and by doing so allowing open conversations and discovering that I’m not alone and everyone is going through something. Sometimes something similar, sometimes something else which makes your horizon a little bit broader. A friend of mine said: "We’re not all in the same boat, we’re all in different boats, sailing in the same storm", which really resonated with me.

How do you relax in your downtime?

Depending on my energy level I use my down time to spend with my boyfriend (I love to go to the beach together when weather allows or after dinner walks to get ice cream) or see close friends, preferably 1 on 1 to go for a corona coffee walk, practice yoga together or have dinner. Due to all this extra time I’ve been able to see my friends more than ever.

Besides that I also really enjoy time with myself (as an outgoing introvert), read, listen to podcasts, cooking and trying new (vegan) recipes. And during the cold months I discovered the benefits of a warm bath!

How do you connect with yourself in stressful or busy times? Do you have any tips for others?

I have a morning ritual which really helps me to stay grounded. There is a solid foundation: I get up early (between 5-6) practice yoga, breathwork, meditation. But this also changes depending on the season (for example adding dry brushing and oil massage).

About 7 years ago I started sowing clothes as a hobby, this makes me really calm and in the present moment. And the result is that you end up with tailor made unique clothes, it's a win win! On top of that I make sure to go outside every day, even if it’s raining. Preferably into nature – and then leaving with no specific destination in mind and see where the route takes me. This also works really well for running.

Can you tell us more about your yoga platform Sync?

During the lockdown we came up with the idea to organise yoga events and classes in spaces that were now not being used, such as night clubs. The focus hereby would be totally on music. Creating fun, accessible, ‘dance like’ flows to become sync with the music, with the people around you and with yourself.

We were supposed to go live in club Oliva in December, right at the moment when the current lockdown started. Like everyone else, we did not expect these measures to last this long. Now that even nightclubs will soon open their doors again, we are searching into new ways on how to move on with Sync. As I still believe this concept is a great addition to the yoga environment.

Josje Hermans 

Thank you Josje, for these wonderful answers. It's amazing to hear about the daily work that goes into being focussed and live with intention. I recently started an early morning routine as well, which I love and it's motivating to hear it clearly works for you! Excited to hear more great things from you in the future!


Paulien, CEO O My Bag