O My Bag x Sophie Goderie

O My Bag partnered with the amazing artist Sophie Goderie to create a unique hand-painted O My Bag and wallet. In this blog we interview Sophie to discuss her inspiration for the project.
by Mairead Carter on Jul 24, 2019

We love supporting local lady bosses and this month we asked Amsterdam based artist Sophie Goderie to customize one of our classics bags, the Fly Violet, and our Luna Purse.

We will be giving away this one-of-a-kind Fly Violet as well as a Luna Purse to one of our creative-minded followers! But first, keep reading to see the final designs and learn how Sophie was inspired by our vegetable leathers and the O My Bag story.

Hey Sophie! Tell us a bit about yourself.

So, what is there to tell about me… well my name is Sophie, and I’m 26 years old living in Amsterdam (soon moving to Utrecht!) with my boyfriend. I went to acting school and now I’m in my last year of applied psychology. Next to all of that, I have a passion for art and creating. I have my own little business, Kunst-Stof and I specialise in leather painting! Think of jackets, leather accessories, and small bags, that sort of thing. 

We love that you’ve chosen Fly Violet! Why this bag?

Because this bag is made from a beautiful hunter leather, it matches perfect with the violet colours. The rawness of the leather is a beautiful leather to work with.

What’s your favourite thing to paint, and do you have a favourite piece so far?

On leather, I love painting animals and old school tattoo prints. If I make art – I love to do portraits.

Can you explain the design you’ve created for O My Bag?

I was inspired by the story of how the bags are created. All the bags are fairly-made by people who are taught trade skills and get a living wage in India (which the mandala represents). Next to that, the leather is also made in an eco-friendly way (the lotus flower represents that part).

If you were an O My Bag, which one would you be?

Since I’ve spent some time with the Fly Violet bag, I think I would be that one! The bag looks feminine, but it’s actually really tough. I think for that, it represents me the best – since I try to act ladylike but most of the time I’m more a tomboy…

“The bag looks feminine but, its actually really tough”

If you could pass on advice to young artists, what would you say?

So first of all, keep enjoying what you do. Never stop creating! I never had the purpose to make a living through my art. But I just kept practicing and creating every moment I had to spare. And remember – art has no rules!

One fun fact about yourself?

I’ve never had any paint or art lessons (next to the regular ones you get at every school).


Elise Hoven
O My Bag