Opening Flagshipstore Amsterdam

WE ARE REALLY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE… It took many viewings, a few disappointments, a few dodged bullets and a couple of years, but we are so pleased to announce the opening of...
by Martijn on Dec 07, 2017






Flagship store

Step inside the World of O My Bag and experience that real O My Bag feeling. Learn about the inspiring story behind the brand and of course see lots of beautiful bags. It’s like you’re in bag-heaven, where you will also find a number of like-minded sustainable lifestyle products that we love. We believe in trade not aid. That’s what we stand for.

We believe in trade not aid.

The Flagship Store has bags to fulfill all kinds of needs. If you’re a business(wo)man about to kick ass at your workplace, if you’re a casual creature – all about comfort and convenience, if you’re all about dancing ‘till the sun comes up, or if you’re head off on a travelling adventure around the world – we’ve got you covered. You can always count an O My Bag, your trusty partner in crime.

The perfect spot

The Ceintuurbaan is close by the hustle and bustle of the De Pijp, whilst remaining charming and quaint, away from the saturated retail areas. The new space allows us to house our complete headquarters behind our beautiful store. With a small team of 10 and smart use of the space, we’ll comfortably fit, and look forward to being able to keep a close eye on our products and happy customers.

O My Bag’s Eveline has worked tirelessly to organize all the construction work and transform the former daycare into a dream retail space and HQ.


We wanted everything O My Bag under one roof so we can connect with our customers, learn from them and share our knowledge about the story and product. Have you ever wondered who’s responsible for O My Bag? Who’s responsible for the design, sales, marketing or finance? If you pay us a visit, just peak in the back and you’ll find the whole team in action. The team is always happy to take a coffee break and have a chat with you!