Staycation – Treat Yourself

It’s never too late to plan a little staycation at home. Don’t you worry – the O My Bag team have listed some of our favorite staycation ideas that will help bring a fresh breeze into your life, having that ‘getaway’ feel before Fall starts. Here are some adventures to set out. Ways to embrace life!
by Elise Hoven on Jul 09, 2020

Here’s to the Home-based Holiday

Are you feeling cooped up at home – balancing remote work or online classes?

As summer is almost over – and the stay at home blues might be there because of cancelled plans this year. Good news – It’s never too late to plan a little stay-cation at home. What’s a staycation exactly?

A staycation is a vacation at home. Easy on the budget, almost no travel required, memories can be made. We promise you, you’ll have a blast. Here’s to the home-based holiday. First things first, let’s start the prepping.

Prepping is key

  • Set a clear start date, by mentally preparing for off-duty mode. What’s a good vacay for you? Does it involve culture, sightseeing, or eating out?
  • Check local tourist guides in your own home town, we bet you’ll discover places (quiet swimming spots, bars, museum, second hand bookstores) that you didn’t know existed. Check Instagram Hashtags and locations in your city.
  • A few weeks prior to your staycation, put some money in an envelope, or put away an amount per day to have a holiday budget.
  • Make sure your house is on fleek – no laundry, clean bathroom and kitchen – all for a chore-free vacation at home.


Hello from the backyard!

O My Bag’s Team Top-Tips

  • Make a playlist: discover some new tunes, make a list just like you would do for a trip away – you’ll associate those songs with your amazing staycation at home.
  • Put your bed in the living room to wake-up in a different space.
  • Organize an in-house dinner – make sure your dining table looks on point, blast some nice tunes and order some food you wouldn’t normally order.
  • Book a day at a local spa, or organize a spa-day at home.
  • Invest in a cocktail mixer and do a little cocktail workshop at home – there are plenty of videos to find online!
  • DIY salty hair spray for soft, beachy waves.
  • Treat yourself: get some items you wouldn’t normally stock in the house; nice linen spray, little chocolates, a bottle of champagne, or go the extra mile and make a little gourmet gift basket in the bedroom.
  • Happy hiking: offers you numerous trails to explore the outdoors. Filter by length, rating, and difficulty level.
  • Itching to get out of the house? A city trip inside your own country is a perfect change of scenery. Or enjoy nature if you live in a city. Be a happy camper and explore!


Netherlands Staycations

Our Production Manager Jessica is now a self-proclaimed ‘tomato-mama’, as she upped her gardening game. She’s enjoying her staycation surrounded by a variety of flowers and veggies. From Mudflat Hiking to beach visits, our Stock Manager Mirjam loves some salty air and ocean breeze in the Netherlands. E-Commerce Manager Maddie explored some of the lakes in Friesland that are perfect for sailing, and camping in the nature of Utrecht. PR Manager Laura loves a good staycation as well – especially when it comes to boat trips in Zeeland: “Close your eyes and you’ll feel like you’re at the French Riviera!”

Where we went

One of our joint team staycation ideas is to have a shared library. This way every O My Bag team member can take a new inspirational read on their (not too far from home) staycation destinations. And that’s what matters the most: keep on planning and exploring new things to breathe some fresh air into your mind and life.