Sustainability Report 2023

Drumroll please…. Our 2023 Sustainability Report is here. Committed to our (self-appointed) front-runner spot, each year at O My Bag we publish a Sustainability Report, celebrating our social and environmental achievements with maximum transparency. Navigating the ever-changing fashion industry can be a challenge, but it’s one we will always jump into head first.
by Marketing Team on Apr 22, 2024

As an impact driven company, our growth allows us to expand our positive impact. In 2023, we achieved some major milestones, including positively impacting lives in India 4,430 times! While increasing our positive impact, we were also able to decrease our environmental impact, which we think is pretty impressive. And in an effort to take our sustainability efforts one step further, for the first time we have included a use phase analysis in our 2023 LCA (Life Cycle Analysis).


  • We decreased our shipping emissions by 58%
  • 414 people received our living wage premium
  • We launched a new partnership with Kolkata based NGO Future Hope
  • The O My Bag Team traveled to India to meet our producers for the first time 

  • Curious about the details? Dive into the full report for all the info on our journey to a more sustainable future.


    Employees of O My Bag in our tannery in India

    O My Bag Employees in our tannery in India.


    We accomplished a lot in 2023, however growing as a company is not without its challenges. Our sales grew by 16% compared to 2022, which meant we could contribute even more to our Giving Back fund, but an increase in sales also meant a continued demand for production and raw materials, resulting in a bigger impact left by our supply chain. Our Sustainability Report details the challenges that often arise as a result of progress as we continue our commitment to positively impacting social and environmental change.

    The report also outlines our 2024 plans, including our B Corp recertification that is scheduled for September 2024 and some ambitious improvement goals we’ve set for ourselves. We hope to set an industry example, prioritizing transparency as we navigate the best, but not always easy steps towards positive change.


    Employees of O My Bag in India with community from Kolkata

    O My Bag employees with community from Kolkata, India.

    For any further questions regarding the report, please feel free to reach out to our Sustainability Manager at

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