The Route to Greener Travel

At O My Bag, sustainability is the foundation of every step we take. We strive to set an industry example - a company that lives and breathes sustainability, not because it sounds great, but because it’s part of who we are. Each year as a company we evaluate our carbon footprint, but we recognize as individuals we also create an impact on the environment. In an effort to prioritize individual emissions outside the workplace, we have introduced Sustainable Travel Benefits for the O My Bag team.
by Maddie Hight on Mar 12, 2024


At O My Bag we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint both in the workplace and beyond. The significant climate impact of transportation is an issue we will continue to prioritize which is why we have a green business travel policy for company travel. In 2023 we recognized the opportunity to reduce further carbon emissions, by extending this responsibility to personal travel, and decided to create a policy that encourages our team to be conscious of their traveling footprint in their personal life.

The O My Bag team now consists of 30 people, which means the impact of individual travel is significant. We realize that the most sustainable option is not always the most attainable option, therefore our Sustainable Travel Benefits were created in an effort to change this.


While it may appear simple to identify the most sustainable form of transport, there are many unpredictable variables to keep in mind when evaluating the carbon footprint of travel. Because of this, at O My Bag we have defined ‘sustainable travel’ as taking an alternative to a plane or cruise boat.
If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly travel option, trains and buses are the most favorable. Although these options don’t always appear the most convenient, we believe the slow travel benefits are underestimated. For example the time required to get to an airport, security checks, and waiting for your luggage on the other side; more often than not, the hours that aren’t spent in the sky also add up. Trains and buses also offer the added benefit of beautiful scenery (mostly), and a hands free experience, meaning there’s plenty of time to reply to that email or catch up on your reading. 


To take it to the next level, we have also introduced a reward for those who abstain from air travel or cruise boats throughout the year, with a €500 voucher for a local and eco-friendly nature getaway. We want to continue to encourage our team's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, with an experience that inspires them to explore vacations closer to home. By offering these sustainable travel benefits, we hope to make it easier and more rewarding for our employees to choose environmentally-friendly transportation options while still enjoying their travel experiences.

Pictures from Natuurhuisje. They offer multiple holiday accommodations located in nature.


In addition to making sustainable travel more accessible for our own team, there is a secondary motivation. As a company we want to demonstrate climate leadership, and set an example for others in the industry who want to improve their sustainability goals, both companies and individuals. We hope this policy can inspire others to make a change to either employee benefits or bring awareness to their day-to-day sustainability efforts.

As a team who value sustainability in both personal and professional life, the implementation of this new policy has been well received and we look forward to providing further updates on its success next year.