We work with four direct suppliers who manufacture all our products in Kolkata, India. In 2010, O My Bag founder and CEO, Paulien made the conscious decision to manufacture in India to promote fair trade, better job opportunities and sustainable practices within the leather industry. We only work with producers who share our principles. Over the years we have built strong relationships with them, through mutual respect and honesty. We talk to our producers on a weekly or sometimes daily basis to ensure ethical practices are implemented. All our factories are SA8000 certified to ensure that they operate under fair conditions, and EMA is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

STC Factory

STC is a smoothly run family business and has around 500 employees, who all have access to healthcare and social benefits, such as retirement funds. Ipshita, daughter of one of the founders, stepped into her father’s business around 8 years ago and is now managing the complete O My Bag department.

We started working with STC at the end of 2014. Today, they are responsible for the production of a big part of our collection, and even have a production line just for our Beck's Bumbag.

O My Bag was the first brand for which STC produced a sustainable leather line. STC is partnering with local NGO's to train young women to become leather professionals, so that they can hire more and more skilled women in their factory. To reduce their environmental impact, solar panels provide all the energy for the factory during the day. STC is a true frontrunner in the Kolkata leather complex, and always looking for ways to innovate and improve their production process.

"We would love to have as
many women as possible
at the factory."

Our partner since 2014

Based in Kolkata, India

500 employees

SA8000 certified

Audrey is made at STC

EMA Factory

We have been working with the Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) right from the very beginning in 2010. EMA was established in 1977 and is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

When entering the doors of EMA, you step from the hectic Kolkata life into a peaceful haven. In the center of the different buildings on site, there is a tranquil garden full of trees and flowers. A vegetable garden on site supplies fresh herbs and veggies that are used for lunch. Currently, 139 people are working at EMA. They not only get to enjoy regular skills trainings, health insurance and social benefits such as maternity leave, but also a nice big, freshly prepared lunch every day.

EMA is women led and employs especially disadvantaged people. Their workers comprise artisans, farmers, craftsmen and weavers who enjoy sustainable livelihoods by producing various types of fair trade products including the O My Bags you know and love. The Dustbag ladies are also part of EMA. A former worker of the factory saw how eager the women in his village were to find work. He quit his job and set up a sewing workshop for them. These ladies now make all O My Bag’s dustbags!

As we are growing and evolving we are delighted to see EMA and all its employees evolve with us!

"Everybody talks to each
other like it's one big family."

Our partner since 2010

Based in Baruipur, India

139 employees

Member of the World Fair Trade Organization

Luna is made here

Springfield Factory

Springfield Factory has been a partner since 2015 and it has always been a pleasure to work with them. The company was established in 2002 by J.S. Sawhney, who is a real connoisseur, considering the fact that producing handbags has been a family vocation since 1957! Our colleagues at Springfield share plenty of our values and just like us they want to produce bags that are not only of an amazing quality, but also produced in a fair way.

All employees at Springfield enjoy health and accident insurance and benefit from social security schemes like retirement or unemployment funds. Just as at all our partnering factories, women are entitled to equal pay and maternity leave.

Springfield is very environmentally conscious. They like to take full advantage of the daylight, but when lights are needed they use energy-efficient light bulbs to help reduce electricity consumption. The management team of father and sons makes sure that factory waste is recycled and water is used frugally.

“We never compromise on
quality and always strive to give
the best raw materials and
craftsmanship possible.”

Our partner since 2015

Based in Kolkata, India

77 employees

SA8000 certified

Gina Bag is made here

Dustbags in production
Dust Bag Ladies

All our leather items come with the same size organic cotton dust bags. These dust bags protect your O My Bag, but they also have a huge social impact; they are promoting women empowerment and education.

Abdullah, a former employee of EMA, wanted to provide work to a small group of women from Bhatpao – a village outside of Kolkata, India. Women from Bhatpao marry very young, usually around the age of 12-14 years. When growing older, many of these women are looking for more independence – being less reliant on their husbands. Abdullah saw that these women in his village were eager to find work, so he created a sewing facility next to his own house with enough space for a group of 14-16 ladies who work about 4 to 5 hours a day. Their children play around the facility so the women can keep a close eye on them. The ladies can become more independent and take care of their children at the same time.

O My Bag helps these power ladies with training on sewing skills, self-care, home economics, and women’s rights. On their last India trip in May 2022, our Production Manager Jessica and sustainability Manager Femke, joined one of the training days.

Partners since 2016

Based in Baruipur, India

15 women

GOTS certified cotton

All our dustbags are made here

Woven Leather Ladies

In 2022, we have added woven leather to our collection. We learned about a fantastic leather weaving project from Nassir, one of the employees at our bagmaker Springfield. Nassir and his wife Monira accepted weaving work from local factories and then distributed it to the housewives in their village Bilpar, a suburbia of Kolkata. The factories provide the group of 40 women with two sheets of leather, one with laser-cut patterns and another with laser-cut sheets that the women cut from both ends. The women then knit both sheets together by hand, following the pattern, and eventually, a sheet is formed. This sheet is sent back the factory for stitching as per bag designs. The women work from their homes with minimal investment, which allows them to earn a sustainable income while still fulfilling their responsibilities, such as taking care of their children.

Partners since 2022

Based in Bilpar, India

40 women

Weaving leather for Springfield

Freeset Global

Freeset Global is not a producing facility for our leather bags, but they make the organic cotton tote bags we use for events. Freeset Global is an organization that provides alternative employment opportunities for women who are working in the sex industry or who have escaped trafficking in and around Kolkata. At Freeset they find hope for a brighter future and the means to make it a reality.

At present, 250 ladies receive trainings relevant for their new job and are empowered with life-skills needed to find their way and make the most out of their freedom.

The salary is twice as much as one would receive for an equivalent job and all employees benefit from health insurance and a pension plan. Associated with Freeset Global is the Freeset Trust, which provides literacy classes, child care, budgeting and debt management services.

In 2018, O My Bag supported The Cup, a café belonging to Freeset. Its purpose is to be a safe space for women so they can build healthy relationships, grow a supportive community and confidence in a brighter future. At the same time, it's a place from which Freeset Global can keep an eye on the safety of the women working there. For example, if a regular visitor of the café suddenly is not seen anymore, they can go check on her.

“We want to see freedom prosper
in our communities, with every
person having a chance to
not only feed and clothe
themselves but ultimately
reach their full potential."