Sustainability Reports

There is always something to do! As a company, we strive to continuously improve our processes to become more transparent and sustainable over time. Learn more about how we go about this below.

Sustainability Report 2023

Our mission is to bring ethics back into the fashion industry. We connect small community producers to the global market, creating fair jobs while offering products made from chromium-free, vegetable-tanned leather, with a vegan alternative available. Explore our annual sustainability report, showcasing our progress and alignment with the evolving sustainable fashion movement.

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Sustainability Report 2022

At O My Bag it is our mission to make a positive difference and to show that an ethical and sustainable fashion industry is within reach. As part of our commitment to transparency we publish our Sustainability Report every year.

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Sustainability Highlights 2022

Our 2022 highlights showcases the key areas from our yearly sustainability report, where we track our progress and discuss our challenges.

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Sustainability Report 2021

O My Bag is committed to releasing our sustainability report every year. Our 2021 report highlights both wins and hurdles in our sustainability efforts, and also includes an overview of our progress and future focuses.

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Sustainability Report 2020

At O My Bag we strive to make a positive difference in the world. This report reflects everything we worked on in 2020. Learn more about our ethical approach, the relationships with our partner factories and find out how we keep our environmental footprint low.

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Sustainability Report 2019

As a company we are constantly striving to improve our processes to become more conscious and sustainable. This Sustainability Report is an important part of our transparency commitment and aims to provide detailed insights into our business impact. This report reflects everything we worked on in 2019.

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