Fashion Revolution

During this week we want you to stand up against the fast fashion brands that are exploiting labour and natural resources.
by Martijn on Apr 18, 2018

O My Bag x #FashRev

At O My Bag we make high quality, timeless bags and accessories that are produced with respect for people and the planet. We work with producers that pay their employees fair wages, provide training opportunities, ensure a safe working environment and encourage female empowerment. Fashion Revolution is the largest fashion activism movement worldwide. 

Emily, Red Classic Leather

We also produce our leather in the most sustainable way possible. The tanneries we work with are constantly looking for ways to make the tanning process more sustainable. They avoid the use of heavy chemicals and take actions to purify and re-use water. We work closely with our producers in India to make sure improvements are made. Furthermore we look closely at the labour and safety conditions for the workers in the tanneries. Because of our close contact with our producers, we have a clear understanding of the industry and believe that we can work together and to synergise sustainable achievements.

We avoid the use of heavy chemicals.

Be transparent

Recently, we have started to constructively measure the impact of our operations in India. By impact we mean the portion of the total outcome that happened as a result of the activities of O My Bag, above and beyond what would have happened anyway. These yearly impact measures are now implemented as part of our business routines and continuously give us insight into where we can improve.

How can we make the change?

In order to transform the fashion industry for the better, it is very important for us to stand together. How can we do that? We need to be vocal and proactive, so that other brands will follow suit. We hope to lead by example and help encourage others in the industry to be more transparent about the production of their products. O My Bag believes that every small or big step will create a change. How you can help? Show you care and ask brands #whomademyclothes

Brands we love

We think it’s so important to support other labels that stand for slow fashion and creating a better world! Below we’ve listed some brands we love and think you’ll love too…

Reformation – Killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. Have a look at their website and see for yourself!

Afriek – We love their inspiring collection of hand tailored blazers in collaboration with talented craftsmen in Kigali. Their brand values are so alike to our that we decided to collaborate with them for AFRIEK X O MY BAG.

Geitenwollenshirts – Organic, fair and affordable apparel. We love their shirts!

Armed angels – Urban, modern, fair trade clothing. Who ever said organic products couldn’t be fashionable?

Everlane – Ethical factories. Transparent pricing. Exceptional quality. These guys are setting an example for sustainable fashion brands!



Elise Hoven
O My Bag