Second Chances

These are our selection of bags that are doing their bit to reduce wastage in the fashion industry. By buying one, you’re embracing the beauty of individuality, age and imperfections as well as saving a bag from ending up in landfill while shopping sustainably.

Do you believe in second chances? We do!

What is included in our second chances collection?


These pieces are second hand. Each bag has its own character and a history, waiting to be continued with you.

Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes, a product turns out slightly different to its original design or picks up an imperfection somewhere on its journey. This discrepancy makes the bag different, but not less lovable.

Pre-Loved & How do I contribute?

One of the most responsible things we can do for our planet is to make high quality products that can be used for years. Elongate the products lifetime by taking care of it and getting it repaired if necessary. However, if you have an O My Bag in your closet which you no longer use, follow the steps below.

Bring your old O My Bag to our store or send it to our Amsterdam HQ (Ceintuurbaan 117-H, 1072 EZ Amsterdam) to hand in a Pre-Loved bag to our Second Chances shop. If you live in EU, we are happy to provide you a shipping label. For the label, we need your address, contact our customer service team by emailing your address to In return, you’ll receive a 20% discount voucher for your next purchase. Alternatively you can trade it for a similar Pre-Loved model (in store only). If you choose to send your bag to our HQ, make sure you leave your email in a small note in the package so that we can send you your discount code. Your bag will find new life in our Second Chances shop, ready to loved and cherished again.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Every O My Bag has a story, and our Perfectly Imperfect bags are no exception. Designed to last a lifetime, these unique products showcase individual characteristics that make each one-of-a-kind. From slight variations in texture, color, or stitching, to other minor flaws that add to their charm, our perfectly imperfect bags are not defective or damaged but rather a celebration of beauty in imperfection.

These differences have either arisen during production or somewhere on the bag's journey all the way from India, to our warehouse in Netherlands. We believe that these bags still deserve a good home. Rather than adding to the problem of textile waste in the fashion industry, we strive to find owners who appreciate the uniqueness and character of each bag. Contribute to minimizing waste in the fashion industry by supporting our Perfectly Imperfect collection.

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