Sanne Vogel
O My Bag

Born from a shared love for bags and a passion for sustainability, actress and writer Sanne Vogel and O My Bag designed the Sanne Belt Bag.

by Marketing Team on Jun 28, 2024

What happens when two creative minds with a passion for sustainability and a love for bags come together?

We collaborated with actress and writer Sanne Vogel to design a vegan belt bag in two colors that were missing from her wardrobe. The result? A design that is both stylish and hands-free.

Sanne joined the O My Bag design team to create the belt bag using Uppeal™, a vegan material partly made from Apple industry waste. Unused apple peels, stems, and fibers used in the design of juices and compotes are ground into powder.

Let’s explore this collaboration further by asking Jessica, Head of Production, Paulien, our CEO, and Sanne Vogel herself some questions.

Questions for Jessica Kallenberg, Head of Production and Responsibility

Why this bag?

During the first brainstorming session with Sanne, it was immediately clear what she was looking for… A practical bag, so you always have your keys, cards, and phone at hand while keeping your hands free. A bag that becomes part of your outfit and accentuates feminine curves.

Why made of Uppeal?

Sanne wanted to design a vegan bag, so she came to the right place. We continuously evaluate and improve our material usage, and as technology develops, new possibilities arise. When we were looking for a sustainable and vegan alternative to leather that was also beautiful and high-quality, we found Uppeal™.

This material is made using waste from the local fruit industry, and a biobased material is created from apple peels, stems, and fibers. How special is that! This material is mixed with other natural and synthetic fabrics for durability and strength. The producer is committed to sustainability and circularity and constantly innovating and improving, which aligns with our high sustainability standards. Additionally, we find it important to support the innovation and development of new sustainable materials.

Questions for Paulien Wesselink, Founder & CEO

Why design a bag with Sanne Vogel?

Sanne has been a loyal ambassador of O My Bag from the beginning. We first worked together years ago for her movie Hartestraat. Sanne also carried a Posh Stacey, and other designs; she has always advocated for sustainable fashion. We occasionally kept in touch, and when Sanne found out that we launched a vegan bag line, the idea came up to do something together. This is the first collaboration where we design a bag together with someone. Sanne is super friendly and relaxed, so the process was very smooth!

Why this bag?

For Sanne, this was the ultimate bag, so it was super fun to create something she missed in the market. We were also excited because we didn’t have anything like it in our collection yet. A completely new design!

Questions for Sanne Vogel, actress, writer and foodie

Why is this collaboration with O My Bag, and why is it now?

I have been a fan of O My Bag since its inception. The way of working, sustainably and socially producing, is very important to me. In addition, they make beautiful, high-quality bags. When I became vegan, I stopped wearing leather. Last year, my boyfriend gave me a beautiful vegan apple leather bag from O My Bag as a gift. I was so happy that O My Bag now also produces vegan bags. So, I immediately sent Paulien a message. We were chatting back and forth, and then we thought it would be super fun if I designed a vegan bag for their collection. Together with their fantastic designers, I got to work.

Why did you choose this model in the form of a waist bag?

I love having my shoulders and hands-free and emphasizing my waist. I chose a bag I wanted the most; a charming waist bag with enough space for all those cards, my phone, and a zippered pocket so you don’t lose anything while running after my kids or dancing at a festival.

For which customer is this bag designed?

All kinds of women. Especially if you want to accentuate your waist, it is a must for every twin mom. Nothing is more annoying than a slipping shoulder bag when you have a child in each hand. Of course, it’s also ideal for festivals or on holiday when you’re browsing through flea markets. You have your cards, money, and phone very close to you.

How can you wear this bag?

  • Over a maxi dress in the summer.
  • Over a trenchcoat in the fall.
  • Under a big blazer in the fall and winter.
  • Through the belt loops of high-waisted pants.

Thanks for answering these questions and giving us an inside look at this collaboration! You can pre-order the Sanne Belt Bag now, available on July 12th!