Sustainability Report 2020

Hooray! Here's our 2020 Sustainability Report. It aims at providing more detailed insights into our impact as a company and reflects on our business practices, as well as our social and sustainable achievements.
by Femke on Aug 27, 2021

Changing the world, one bag at a time.

At O My Bag we strive to make a positive difference in the world. This report reflects everything we worked on in 2020. Learn more about our ethical approach, the relationships with our partner factories and find out how we keep our environmental footprint low. Join us on our path towards fashion sustainability.


Why a report?

It is part of our transparency commitment. This report is the second of many and will serve as a tool to track our path towards sustainability. It enables us to benchmark our progress both internally as well as externally.

We want to share the details of our positive social impact as a company, but also the specifics of our environmental impact. In our opinion, sharing those details is an indispensable attribute of a modern, honest and sustainable company. It is no longer enough to simply make claims. We want to take you with us on our journey towards sustainability, sharing all the amazing results of our work, as well as the challenges we face and how we plan to overcome them.

Besides, we love what we do. So why not share this enthusiasm with you?

What's in it?

The report summarizes both our company goals and how we are going to achieve them. Our goals are related to the social and environmental impact we have as a business, as well as raising awareness and communicating transparency.

On the social side, among many others, we want to encourage employment for women and increase the percentage of female employees at our partner factories. We also want to provide regular skills and education training to the factory workers.

Our environmental goals relate to topics such as our carbon footprint and circularity. An example is our goal to become carbon neutral by 2025 by tremendously reducing and also offsetting our emissions. One of our awareness and transparency-related goals is achieving complete supply chain traceability.


Our Supply Chain

We work towards full supply chain transparency which means we want to know exactly where and how the materials in our bags are produced. Step by step we will continue to dive deeper into our supply chain.

O My Bag Supply Chain 2020 Diagram

Our 2020 impact

Curious how we are doing so far? Here are some facts:

  • 28 new active retailers in 2020
  • Our products are sold in 27 countries
  • 100% traceability on tier 1 suppliers
  • 87% traceability on tier 2 suppliers
  • 850 fair jobs are provided by O My Bag partner factories in India
  • 100% of our office and stores run off renewable energy since 2019
  • 100% carbon neutral, by reducing emissions where possible and by offsetting unavoidable emissions
  • 321 bags saved from landfill with our second-hand library in 2020
  • 3 Brickfield Schools funded with the Green Friday revenue
  • 91% less water was consumed during the production of our lining by using organic instead of conventional cotton. This equates to 15.000 liters.  

What's more?

The report describes our goals and impact in much more detail. You will also learn about our collaboration with the consultancy firm Sustainalize. Together, conducted a carbon footprint analysis of the whole company and a life cycle analysis of our bags. Based on the analysis we will tackle the challenges and come up with appropriate data-driven strategies to reduce our environmental impact.

The report also summarizes our mission and values and how our practices relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll learn what aspects of O My Bag are already circular (sneak peek: our second-hand library and care & repair program!) and what our next steps are in contributing even more to a Circular Economy.

Curious to see how far we've come?

Read our 2019 Sustainability report 


So are we! Download the full report now.

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Love, Femke