The Personalities Giveaway

At O My Bag we love to give back. To say thank you for an amazing year we've been giving back with 5 O My Bag favorites.
by Elise Hoven on Dec 09, 2019

Here's to our loved ones

This Christmas we’re paying tribute to all the loves in our life, each day this week we’ll be giving away one of our favorite OMB pieces in collaboration with a few other sustainable brands.

Day 5: Harvey, The Groomer

Our Harvey takes his morning routine seriously – to an almost religious degree. He’s clean cut, well dressed and appreciates the finer details in life. Don’t let his effortless look fool you, this man takes time caring for not only himself, but also the planet.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

He will store all his grooming goodies in the Harvey’s Washbag, which is basically a barbershop with a zipper. Harvey – the Groomer – collects well-chosen products, and opts for natural ingredients such as Kaerel’s shaving cream contains natural extracts such as sunflower oils to make the skin soft. Plastic and other disposable items won’t cut it – this man knows how to invest in lifelong items for his grooming routine. We’re sure Harvey will cherish Oodles and Pinches’ goods such as toothbrushes with 90% less plastic compared to ordinary toothbrushes, as well as a classic shaving razor from Bambaw with a strong bamboo handle to stand the test of time. And guess what? This razor is also totally plastic free. No disposable plastic razors in the Harvey’s bathroom to be found!

What’s better than a well-groomed man? Well-groomed men who smell great! Able consists of all natural ingredients that work wonders with the natural body chemistry to create a unique scent that evolves throughout the day. This scent is a sure bet for the Groomer. And to get our Groomer totally in the groove, we’ve added House of Marley’s No Bounds speakers. He can take the speakers wherever he goes, even in the shower during his grooming routine, as the speaker is watertight.

Harvey, The Groomer
Harvey, The Groomer

Day 4: Josephine, The Romantic

Josephine, is a romantic at heart. She could talk for days about her latest candle lit dinner date! She’s a delicate soul with a passion for reading and dreaming. A shade of pink suits her to perfection, but her love for the planet means she’s always thinking green.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Josephine has an eye for charming antique details, and we’re sure she’ll love the detachable golden brass chain on the – surprise! – Josephine pouch. This clutch with strap has plenty of slip and zip pockets to hold all her small essentials in place. Perfect for all Josephine’s romantic activities, as a clutch on date night or as a complementary cross body to bring to a walk in the park. The chain on her purse matches her Barika earrings in hammered plated gold, which are fairly made by Taj Amsterdam and give an authentic and elegant look. Feminine and elegant hands are an absolute must for our dear Romantic. Nailberry’s Au Natural nail polish (thank you, Bewust Puur!) will make sure our Romantic’s nails stay healthy and clean in the color light beige. Inika’s Lip & Cheek Cream from Bewust Puur is an organic and natural lip-gloss to make Josephine all ready for her swooning dates. When she isn’t wining and dining by candle light, she likes to read a good book to educate her about how to do good. ‘This Is A Good Guide’ by Marieke Eyskoot will deserve a spot in the Josephine’s personal library, next to her collection of swooning novels.

Did we mention that the romantic Josephine doesn’t only look good, she also smells good? Able’s Red Santal warm and spicy wood scent matches the her personality to a T – as it is made of clove bud, pink and black pepper and all derived from natural sources.

Josephine, The Romantic
Josephine, The Romantic

Day 3: Tobi, The Essentialist

Meet Tobi, the essentialist. Organization is his bread and butter. He appreciates cutting edge tech but keeps things minimal, taking very good care of his adored items so they stand the test of time. His eco-minimal lifestyle contributes to a happy planet.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Items that he uses from day-to-day are worth investing in, as he will carry them for years and year. Tobi is all about organizing and clean and efficient use on the go. Think light, hands-free, and de-cluttered. This persona knows his gadgets! As he likes to live and travel light, the BPA-free Urban Bottle (from 24Bottles by EcoMondo) is the perfect size for an essentialist like Tobi. Tau Cotton’s ribbed Merino Wool scarf is made of environmental friendly materials, yet super lightweight to keep him all comfy during the winter months.

Instead of getting tangled in his cords, he uses a Cord Taco to keep everything organized on the go. To spruce up his desk, the Pencil Case in Wild Oak Leather will keep his office tools all organized. House of Marley’s No Bounds speaker with in-build microphone enables him to take his calls hands-free while listening to some of his favorite tunes. The passport holder protects his passport as well as some of his cards at the same time, still looking sleek and minimal and travel light. Tobi’s Wallet is as streamlined as it gets. Clean cut, minimal format, yet the hunter leather gives vintage touch to it. Our essentialist can carry many cards (six card slots), and his Tobi’s Wallet has a pocket for coins and two spacious sections for banknotes. As coordinated and cool as Tobi himself.

Tobi, The Essentialist
Tobi, The Essentialist

Day 2: Luna, The Bohemian

She’s a wonderer, artistic, and super Zen. She thinks outside of the box, and has a spiritual connection with the earth loves natural garments and fabrics, but takes consciousness and a healthy lifestyle very seriously.

As circles have long association with the earth, the Luna Bag’s round shaped compact design holds is a perfect match to the Bohemian’s personality and down-to-earth vibe. Plus, it’s an eye-catcher that will store many of her goodies along the way! After her hot yoga workout our Bohemian will put on some 100% natural Loveli deodorant from Bewust Puur! without any chemicals in the smell of freshly laundered cotton.

She’ll throw her Kin & Kloth towel over her shoulder, which is a slowly hand-woven towel by Turkish Artisans. Each towel is priced to reflect the time taken, and they are produced in small batches to make sure the intricacies are involved in the design and are paid fairly. The Bohemian will sip from the BPA-free Urban Bottle from 24 Bottles added to this package by EcoMondo, which has the same color tone as her Turkish towel.

Her gold-plated triangle Gaia pendant necklace from Taj Amsterdam is not only pretty, it’s a reference to goddess Gaia – the mother goddess who oversaw and took care of the earth.

Luna, The Bohemian Chic
Luna, The Bohemian Chic

Day 1: Emily, The Socialite

Emily hops from morning coffee to office lunch, to dinner party and back again: our Socialite is social with a capital S. Think “it-girl” like Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl with a sustainable take.

Our new Ruby leather is a fresh look this season, Emily sets her own trends and this cross body design is as refreshing and lively as her personality. As a mini-bag with three main compartments, you can often find Emily in her natural habitat, New York City. And guess what? She comes in this giveaway with a matching Coin Purse.

As she’s always on the go, our Emily’s coffee to-go will stay warm in her KeepCup Brew Cork carrier from EcoMondo. Minimal and reusable, she will carry this from place to place and re-fill it without having to throw away the cup. After her coffee she hops on her bike to a lunch meeting, enjoying some upbeat tunes from her House of Marley headphones, pink to give that girly touch to her look. House of Marley supports global reforestation; Emily is also sharing her love or the planet as well as for some upbeat tunes. Speaking of music, she loves parties, and the P.F. Candle – an everyday luxury – which is vegan, cruelty free, and phthalate-free will elevate her social game even more when throwing dinner parties at home. It also helps her to relax – having fun is a full time job.

Emily, The Socialite
Emily, The Socialite


Elise Hoven
O My Bag