Moisturize dry spots

You find any dry spots on your O My Bag item? Due to the open structure of our leathers this is completely normal. Here are some things to moisturize the leather and make it look brand new again.


Get a leather lotion, we really suggest the Collonil Bamboo Lotion, which has proven its fiability on our leather. If you have a Hunter leather style, be sure to go for the Collonil Nubuk Lotion, as this won’t darken the color of the leather. Use the built-in sponge to follow the next steps.

If you decide to use another lotion, please try it on a small/hidden area of the item. This way you can see how the leather reacts to it.


Put a bit of lotion on a soft cloth

Warning! If you put the lotion directly on the leather, you could make an oil stain which are hard to remove.Also don’t put too much lotion on the item. It could make certain parts look patined faster than the rest of the item, and could also lead to small stains.


Now gently apply the lotion on the item by making circles.

Make sure you put lotion on the whole item, so it all will get the same, moisturized look.


Let the leather dry.

If the the leather still feels a bit dry after the treatment you can always repeat this process again after a few days.