Georgia - Zwart Soft Grain Leer

Georgia black soft grain leather bag - front product image
Georgia black soft grain leather bag - side product image
Georgia black soft grain leather bag - back product image
Georgia black soft grain leather - inside product image
Georgia - Black Leather shopper bag. Female product image.
Georgia - Black Leather shopper bag. Female product image. Side view
Georgia tote in black soft grain leather - male model product image - image from the back
Georgia tote in black soft grain leather - male model product image - side angle
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Large shopper bag

€ 269
Zwart / Soft Grain Leer / Groot
Zwart Soft Grain Leer Wild Oak Soft Grain Leer Zwart Geweven Klassiek Leer Cognac Geweven Klassiek Leer Camel Hunter Leer

Of je nu boodschappen doet of gaat lunchen met je vrienden in de stad, deze draagtas is een elegante en klassieke shopper die is ontworpen om voor altijd bij je te zijn. Het ingetogen Nederlandse design maakt haar geschikt voor vrijwel elke gelegenheid!

De binnenkant van de tas is uitgerust met een afsluitbare katoenen bag-in-bag, zodat je al je waardevolle spullen veilig kunt opbergen. Deze binnentas heeft onze kenmerkende zwart-witte strepen en de steekvakken en een groot ritsvak geven je alle organisatie tools die je nodig hebt. Georgia's zwarte kleur is tijdloos en toch helemaal on-trend. Van jurkjes tot jeans, ze past eigenlijk bij alles!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sarah Richtmann
In love with Georgia

Perfect bag for the office! She fits everything, it's so easy to combine her to any outfit and sooo many extra pouches to organize all things you need in your daily life. The leather feels amazing and the bag has such a high quality, it looks very elegant and at the same time effortless. Looove it!

Car Oline
great bag, but does not allow overall flexibilty

My boyfriend purchased this bag as a birthday gift. At first, I was very happy that he bought me this bag. But now, after using it for 3 consecutive weeks, I have to admit a slight disappointment:

Whenever I transport my Bicycle-Castle in it, the tetra pack of milk gets hampered and spills. This has caused severe hair-gummies of mine do be distorted. I also find no place for my dust-sucker. The 3kg Nuttella Packung does neither fit. However, it is a beautiful bag and very nachhaltig - like the last generation.

Evelien Verboven

De mooiste handigste tas ooit!
stevig en overzichtelijk elegant, …

Linn Bank

I love my Georgia! It is a trendy shopper with the perfect amount of pockets. It keeps all my things in place! And the best part is that the more I wear it, the prettier it gets!

great, but straps not optimal

i love the bag however, I would find it even better if it had eyelets on the outside to attach a wide strap. when fully loaded, the thin straps are very painful on the shoulder. then I prefer to use Sofia in these moments, but she has a little less space. maybe I'll have eyelets attached.

The colour transfers onto other clothing

I know that leather dye can transfer onto other materials, but not sure if it’s normal that it does to this extent…my bag got slightly wet when I was outside, and it left black stains everywhere, on my hands and clothes etc, that I can’t remove. I haven’t experienced this with other black leather bags before.

Thank you for letting us know. So sorry to hear that you have some bleeding issues with the bag. Could you please be so kind to send us an email to this way we can help you fix this issue with some of our care products :) Happy to help you so looking forward to your email.
X - Customer experience team

Kim Eigenhuis
Mixed feelings

I love the bag! Both the wearing comfort and the beautiful leather and the size. But… after a very short periode of time, the threads came out of the handles. A friend had this also with her bag, which was exactly the same, but which she bought much earlier. In short, in my opinion an error in production? Anyhow, the only service offered was sending the bag back for a repair: duration a view weeks. I didn’t do this, because I didn’t think it would solve anything. So, that’s why I have mixed feelings. Tha bag is very expensive, but the quality a bit poor…

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your review and for sharing your experience with our Georgia bag. We are glad to hear that you love the bag's comfort, leather, and size. We apologize for the issue with the threads coming out of the handles. This is definitely not the quality we strive for and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Our customer service team is always here to help and we would be more than happy to assist with a repair or replacement for you. We understand that the wait time may be inconvenient, but we assure you that our team will work diligently to resolve this issue for you. Please be so kind to reach out to customerservice@omybag .nl so we can help you in the best way possible!
X- Customer experience team

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