Materiality Analysis

We conducted our first Materiality Analysis in 2020 to ensure we are setting the right priorities. We assessed what our most significant impacts on society and the environment are, and shed light on the topics that matter most to our stakeholders. Thank you to those who took part.


Being well informed about these topics helps us to identify issues we need discuss and communicate with our lovely O My Bag fans, suppliers, team and retailers. Reporting on these topics also helps to align our sustainability strategy and sustainability management which will help decide how to allocate internal resources.

The Materiality Matrix was developed in numerous stages.

We have consulted sustainability and sector experts, conducted several stakeholder surveys and held an internal workshop. Stakeholders include:

Brand Ambassadors

The Results

Identified issues have been placed on the matrix below.

The y-axis depicts the importance of topics to our stakeholders, the x-axis shows O My Bag’s impact. All issues are hence positioned relative to both stakeholder interest and business impact.

Many issues are closely intertwined. Changes in one can have an impact on others. They should hence not be viewed in isolation but rather as an interconnected whole.

We will use these insights to adjust our sustainability strategy and communication, so it will be a work in progress, but we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, you can check out what we are already doing under Our Story.