Behind the Scenes: FW20 Photoshoot

Who’s in for a little sneak peek? Get ready for an exclusive view behind the scenes on our FW2020 shoot in the Dutch countryside. And yes, we have some real stunning newcomers in the collection. Here’s a first look on what's new and what's about to come..
by Mairead Carter on Aug 07, 2020

The Campaign

This years Autumn Winter 2020 campaign was inspired by retro pieces, which lead to a stylish 60’s style getaway. An ode to the retro yet timeless and modern design, our FW2020 campaign creates a relationship between fashion and nature, while recognising the craftsmanship involved in the making of an O My Bag.

We have many new bags to introduce to you this season; Sue, Laura (named after our PR & Sales Manager) and new colors now available in Becks and Bee’s. The crew cannot wait to meet you! For our Pinterest perfect stationery lovers we have exciting news, we will be launching our notepad covers soon, along with a new pencil case design. Keep scrolling to check them out.

Sue Bag & Notebook Cover Coming Soon...

The Perfect Hideaway

A cottage in the woods, mysterious but charming, loving and warm, with a picture perfect interior inspired by the classic elegance of the 60s. A timeless ambience, just like our bags. Our marketing team put their heads together and found the perfect location to bring our vision to life – Maja’s hideaway, situated in the woods nearby Apeldoorn – straight from a fairy tale. Instagram-worthy spots behind every corner for a truly romantic feel. Thanks to the amazing hospitality, we were able to create the most beautiful imagery, while also adding this spot to our own vacation wishlist.

Maja's Hideaway

Prep, Prep - Double Prep

Yes, it’s all about snapping the perfect shots, but let’s not forget about the preparation that goes into it. Mood boards were carefully curated and compared, outfits and props were gathered here and there. This year we decided to get creative and pulled together vintage pieces from the teams own wardrobe, with the exception of some special pieces borrowed from Lena Fashion Library in Amsterdam. Not everything goes to plan and you have to improvise, which is what we did for a clothing rail… a bit of rope between two trees!

LENA Fashion Library

When creating the mood board, it was clear for us that our friends over at the Lena Library had a few special pieces we just had to feature. If you want to get your hands on some of the pieces featured in our campaign, make sure you check them out. Situated on the Westerstraat, Lena Fashion Library has a large collection of young upcoming designers, a growing range of sustainable brands and high quality vintage pieces. To rent or buy, it’s the perfect circular wardrobe, designed to extend garment life and save beautiful pieces from landfill.

Lola Ruby Croco Classic Leather & Bobbi Bucket Bag Cognac Classic Leather

Meet the Team

It was great seeing everyone again after working from home for such a long time and we had a fantastic day with lots of laughter, little dance breaks, and a celebratory drink at the end. With the experience from many, many photoshoots, Paulien, the founder of O My Bag knew exactly what we needed to keep the energy up – “a well-fed team is a happy team”. She always had some healthy, delicious snacks at hand and was the fairy godmother of shoot day. By the end of the day we decided to take off our shoes to dance barefoot on the ground. What can we say – at O My Bag we like to stay grounded.

Mark Manzi & Chanel Trapman
Mark Manzi & Chanel Trapman

Our photographer Mark Manzi knows a thing or two about getting the right angle. You may recognize his work from our Spring Summer 2019 Shoot in Morocco, we absolutely love his work. He has an amazing eye for capturing the models’ natural movements and making our bags shine, cracking jokes along the way. Our returning models Naomi and Gianna loved him too. They already knew each other from previous shoots and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Gina in Cognac Classic Leather

We went all multi media for this campaign! Because we also had a videographer on set. So, lots of cameras from lots of different angles for our models, but the girls handled it like the pros they are. We previously worked with Chanel Trapman from Mumster on a different project, we love her work so it was time to collaborate again. Stay tuned for this amazing content coming soon!

What's New?

We had a truly wonderful team on set, everyone did an amazing job! Thank you, Mark, Chanel, Gianna, Naomi, Maz, Elise, Lisa, Maddie & Paulien!

Keep an eye on our Instagram for new content from the shoot and our new arrivals. Are you as excited as we are for the new styles? Check out our New Arrivals page to see what’s new, and subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know when our complete collection will drop.

New Arrivals!


OMB Team x