O My Bag Moms

A Q&A with the O My Bag Moms about their favourite bags, favourite parenting tips and favourite things to do with their kids.
by Marketing Team on May 10, 2023

Paulien Wesselink - Founder CEO

Meet Paulien and her 3 boys: Rijk (4), Beer (2), and Moos (5 months).
Favorite O My Bag: Izzy, I love the cute round shape. It fits all my essentials like phone, wallet, lipconditioner, a pacifier for one of the kids, toothpicks but also a bottle of water that I carry around for my daily vitamin sups.
Parenting tip: Cut yourself some slack as a mother; use ready-made (bio) baby food and give them an iPad during car rides when shit hits the fan.
Favorite activity with her children: Going to the beach. Sand keeps my boys endlessly entertained making an castle or selling sand-ice creams.

Femke Lotgerink - Sustainability Manager

Meet Femke and her 5-month-old Douwe.
Favorite O My Bag: Drew, because it's very convenient to carry essentials while walking with the stroller.
Parenting tip: Buy second-hand. It's fun to hunt for baby clothing on Vinted, much better for the environment than new stuff that they only wear for a short time.
Favorite activity with Douwe: Making him laugh and cuddling.

Suzanne Hofstee - Sales Account Manager

Meet Suzanne and her 10-month-old Zeger.
Favorite O My Bag: Sam Shopper, for its clean look, lightness, and ample space.
Parenting tip: Try a Bakfiets (cargo bike); it fits a child seat, stroller, and groceries - a perfect car alternative.
Favorite activity with Zeger: Dancing, as Zeger responds to music by throwing his hands in the air and headbanging.

Laura Newton - Visual Brand Designer

Meet Laura and her 5-month-old, Rory.
Favorite O My Bag: Jean Backpack, I love a good backpack and the Jean is so stylish for everyday life.
Parenting tip: Find a good mom group. Being an expat mom living away from family can be very challenging at times, so having a good support group is so valuable.
Favorite activity with Rory: Bath time. Rory is such a water baby, he absolutely loves it!

Giulia N. Di Francesco - Retail Manager

Meet Giulia and her two children: Giotto (6) and Primo (4).
Favorite O My Bag: Lexi in Cognac, It fits my basics and it is also very stylish
Parenting tip: I always buy slightly bigger clothes, so that they can be used for longer. Also, I always pass Giotto’s clothes to Primo.
Favorite activity with her children: Now that all of them can bike, we love to randomly bike in the park.

María del Mar González - Office Manager 

Meet María and her 8-year-old Martín.
Favorite O My Bag: Olivia in Black. Olivia is a bag that adapts great to my life, I can put my computer on it, travel around the city from work to pick Martin up in school and looks chic and practical.
Parenting tip: Travel with your kids to experience other cultures and ways of living.
Favorite activities with Martín: Going away during the weekend to see another city, camping, eating ice cream, playing Pokemon and just talking to him, and discovering the way he sees life. 

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