O My Bag’s Recommendations

We’ve listed some of our favorite recommendations - get comfy and have a look at our stay-at-home lifestyle content.
by Elise Hoven on Apr 04, 2020

Here to Entertain

It’s another week in quarantine. Whether you are working from home, caring for a loved one or trying to run a business with a toddler playing by your side – everyone could use a little something to distract their minds from the new reality.

As promised in our latest newsletter, we will continue to entertain with some nice tips and to-do’s. The last few weeks have been quite overwhelming for O My Bag as well, so our team has been actively sharing recommendations that bring them joy. We’ve listed some of our favorite things – get comfy and have a look at our stay-at-home lifestyle content.

Inspirational Reads

Help! My attention span can’t handle a full-length novel at the moment, or a deep read. What do you recommend? We have some nice short reads that will help you get your mind off reality.If you want to learn more about fair fashion in times of Covid-19, here are some excellent sources to check out.


  • An interesting article in the NY Times about online shopping during Covid-19.This article asks the critical questions on whether we should still go shopping (online) in the age of Covid-19, and why it has become a moral question as much as a consumer issue.
  • Our blog post about how our extended family in India is dealing with the crisis. Read how the situation is over there, and how will it affect all the artisans making our bags.


  • Let my People go Surfing – a book by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard – he shares the persistence and courage that have gone into being head of one of the most respected and environmentally responsible companies on earth.
Ella, Wild Oak Soft Grain Leather (left) | Bee's Box Bag, Cognac Classic Leather (right)

Minimal Screen Time

Don’t want to look at screens right now? That’s understandable. If you’ve been watching the news for too many hours, worked from home, your eyes are getting tired from staring at your laptop. Luckily there’s a world of off-screen content as well.

  • Wardrobe Crisis, Podcast by Clare Press former Vogue Sustainability Manager. A must-listen about the importance of who makes our clothes. Clare’s Podcast takes you on an audio journey to expand your knowledge about sustainability as a norm, not a trend.
  • Let’s get creative! Faber Castell – one of the biggest suppliers for stationary – has released free access to courses available on their online platform. From step-by-step instructions and videos for lettering to coloring templates for kids of all ages – the absolute mommy tip. And yes, there’s some screen effort in the beginning, but after that I’ll be just you, some pencils and paper.

Feel-Good Tunes 

  • Feel like a dance party at home, or was your long anticipated concert or festival cancelled? Many songs are at your fingertips, and even some near-to-live music experiences. Get cultural with Broadway HD – with full-length shows and performances such as Cats (1998) or Swan Lake (2015), and the good news? There’s a seven-day free trial!


Yes, all the tips and recommendations above are meant to contribute to your overall well-being in this unsettling time, but here are some to make you feel extra Zen.

  • Candles: burn and relax! Some nice incense will also do. Lucky enough to own a bathtub? Infused bath bombs work wonders on your body and soul. Follow up with 8-10 hours of sleep, and you’ll feel brand new in the morning
  • Give yourself a little break from social media, at least two hours a day. Dedicate this extra time to do some daily meditation exercise. Having a hard time sitting still? Some simple tasks can be quite meditative as well: doing the laundry, journaling, you name it! Our minds find comfort in accomplishment but let’s not take it too far.
  • One of our followers on Instagram gave us this brilliant tip: Ask your loved ones to wish you goodnight every day. This way you don’t finish the day lonely, but full of love.

Stay safe, stay well

Whether you’re isolated indoors or you just need to relax after a long day, we hope these tips will put your mind at ease. Are you struggling with the new reality, and would you like to see specific content from us? Our DM on Instagram is always open, just like our virtual stores. We’re here to help, we’re with you.