What Made 2023 Unforgettable for O My Bag

Discover the standout moments that made 2023 a year to remember! From global travels to heartwarming connections, Paulien spills the beans on the highlights that shaped our journey and gives you a sneak peek into the exciting road ahead in 2024. Be inspired by the full Q&A!
by Paulien Wesselink on Jan 03, 2024

What was your number one moment in 2023?

The highlight of 2023 was undoubtedly sharing the O My Bag entrepreneurs' journey in a packed De La Mar theatre. The engaged and responsive audience, mostly comprised of students, made the storytelling experience memorable. Having the bonus support of a dozen OMB team members in the front row added to the magic of that moment.

OMB team at De La Mar theatre O My Bag team watching Paulien's speech at De La Mar Theatre in Amsterdam

Why was 2023 a special year? 

2023 held a special place in our hearts as the year we took our entire team to India to connect with our production and social partners. It was an amazing experience, allowing everyone to witness the uniqueness of India and the warmth of its people. This extraordinary journey not only showcased why we chose to produce there but also highlighted the individuals and communities we support, reinforcing the tight-knit bond we've built.

Team picture at KMWSCO My Bag team visiting the Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre

What was the highlight of the India trip?

The highlight of our India trip was the event we organized for our friends and partners. Bringing together everyone we've collaborated with over the past 12 years. We gave each a platform to share their stories, which made it a profoundly special evening. It not only celebrated our shared journey but also deepened the connections, bringing us all closer together as a unified community.

What was the biggest change?

The most significant change for me was returning from maternity leave in March after welcoming my third boy, Moos. Transitioning from cherished moments with Moos in the carrier on leisurely walks to diving back into the dynamic role of managing our marketing efforts, leading the team, and reestablishing my footing as CEO has been a big change. Fortunately, it all fell seamlessly into place, fitting like a glove.

Collage of images of PaulienPaulien with her three sons, and Paulien making her speech at De La Mar theatre in Amsterdam

What was a challenge for you?

Facing the challenge of letting people go has been particularly tough for me. Making those difficult decisions weighs on me, and I find that it takes some time for me to come to terms with the outcomes and feel confident about the decisions I've had to make.

What are you excited about in 2024?

I'm thrilled about our expansion into new markets, particularly the exciting venture into the US. Equally, I'm enthusiastic about fortifying our brand's position as an absolute frontrunner. The journey ahead holds great potential, and I'm eager to see where it takes us. With our team's unwavering energy and dedication, I'm confident that we'll achieve remarkable milestones in 2024!